How to choose a comfortable jacket has become the most common problem in winter daily life, because winter clothing pays attention to warmth, so the overall visual effect is changed with the design and change of the overall clothing, and the most headache of winter clothing is its thickness, too thick will make people look too bloated, but the fur collar coat is the opposite, thick and unique. Recently, Zhu Xudan, who appeared at the airport, was wearing a fur-collared leather jacket, full of coolness

Zhu Xudan’s clothing on this trip is not only warm, but also unique in style, showing an unusual temperament and charm, the first thing that catches the eye is definitely the overall black tone, and its white fur collar part, this sense of color difference gives people a great visual impact, not to mention her overall clothing matching and selection, every place tells the charm of the fur collar coat

The overall clothing focus, naturally fell on the upper body of the fur collar leather coat, Zhu Xudan this wool collar coat is also different from the general wool collar coat, not cotton as the main material, but elsewhere creatively selected leather as the whole clothing, shaping the leather clothing effect, the warmth effect of the leather clothing is also better, which makes the overall clothing effect, to achieve excellent results

Although the overall design idea of leather clothing is adopted, it also retains a lot of the original design ideas of the fur collar coat, the loose and comfortable design makes the overall style completely different from the style of ordinary leather clothing, showing a lazy and handsome temperament, and the straight line sense also sets off Zhu Xudan’s own figure well, it can be said that the two are suitable

The most peculiar in the overall design is the fur collar design of the fur collar leather coat, the fur collar design is the most important design that distinguishes the wool collar coat from other coats, the soft and warm fur will always make people warm, and also show the unique temperament of the fur collar coat, a sense of elegance gives it a unique clothing effect

Not to mention, her fur collar design adopts an asymmetrical design, which makes the overall style more distinctive, showing full charm and temperament, and at the same time showing a bohemian temperament, that is, these unique places set off her temperament, making her look more cool, charm skyrocketing, I have to say the uniqueness of these designs

And her other outfits are also extremely special and overall clothing effects, first of all, the lined knitwear, black tones in line with the overall temperament and charm, but also with the fur collar leather clothing to create a sense of layering, this clothing effect naturally multiplies the overall charm. The leggings on the lower body show the line of the legs, making it look more sexy

Seeing Zhu Xudan wearing a fur-collared coat, showing a casual temperament, I believe that all female compatriots also want to ensure warmth, and began to consider buying a wool-collared coat. Next, the editor will briefly introduce some dressing with fur collar coats, so that all the little fairies can show their charm to the fullest

1, wool collar coat with pleated skirt: this match looks like a woman, the wool collar coat adopts a more compact design, more able to set off the overall figure, and the design of the fur collar is to add a warm sense of elegance to the wearer in the cold wind, and the choice of pleated skirt is the perfect inspiration for women’s charm and sexy elements, the combination of the two is endless

2, wool collar coat with sweater skirt: this matching can be said to be the most unique choice of wool collar coat matching, both are clothing with high warmth coefficient, can be said to be the most suitable two winter clothing, and the two combined, well make up for each other’s shortcomings, showing an elegant charm, this is the charm of this matching

The above two combinations are only part of the matching types, the choice of fur collar coat needs to pay attention to its own style, only choose the right style of fur collar coat, plus the right matching, in order to show the little fairies your own charm