Introduction to the double tub

Bath barrel bathing This is a habit from ancient times to the present, in ancient times people used bath barrels, now the bath barrel design also has a special pursuit, double bath barrel to meet people’s needs for bathing.

What brand of double bath barrel is good

1. Jiaxi: Sichuan Jiaxi Industrial Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer of wooden toiletries in China, producing the first concept barrel in 1999, and the first household barrel was listed in Chengdu in October 2000.

2. Wood Yun: Wood Zhiyun wooden barrel brand products throughout Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions, which is Foshan Zhuopin Sanitary Ware Company is committed to creating a high-end bathroom brand.

3. Mountain barrel: This brand was founded in 2001, and is currently the most authoritative, influential and professional wooden bathroom industry in China.

4. Ashiga: The brand’s products use high-quality “cedar wood”, because of its long growth period, hard wood, delicate texture, good texture, very strong anti-corrosion properties, but also has a natural aroma, so it can bring people a natural beauty enjoyment.

5. Tiansen wooden barrel: Chengdu Tiansen Shangpin Wood Products Co., Ltd. signed a supply and sales contract with Carrefour, the largest supermarket chain in China, in 2009, which became the only supplier of Carrefour of China’s domestic barrel manufacturers.

6. Odd bath barrel: The log used by the brand comes from cedar wood in northwest Sichuan, which is a green log, which achieves the brand’s excellent quality pursuit.

7. Letaotao: Chengdu Letao Taotao Wood Industry Co., Ltd., which is a furniture manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of wooden barrels (bath barrels), based on Sichuan’s unique wood resource base, it also has a large number of barrel technicians with rich experience, and its prospects are very promising.

Hazards of double tub bathing

Although the bath barrel bath is comfortable, it also hides some harms, and everyone still needs to pay attention to it.

1. It is dangerous to soak in a barrel after drinking

When on vacation, in order to pursue comfort, people like to pour a glass of red wine while taking a bath. In fact, it is very dangerous, such behavior can easily cause cardiovascular disease. Why do you say that? Not alarmist. Because glucose is consumed at an accelerated rate due to blood circulation, the human body fails to replenish energy in time, so that questions are rapidly reduced, and the so-called “bathhouse syndrome” appears.

2. Heat stroke will also occur when bathing in a tub

Heat stroke can actually occur in the bath? In fact, it is true that due to the functional impairment of the thermoregulatory center, water and electrolytes are disrupted. When the doors and windows of the room are locked, the muscles are in a relaxed state for a long time, and the telangiectasia makes the blood return flow insufficient, then it is very easy to faint and other dangerous situations.

3. In order to prevent the bath barrel from deforming or otherwise deteriorating after a long period of use, the manufacturer will apply a layer of waterproof paint on the surface, and whether it is suitable for long-term bathing is not certain.

4. Do not let the hot water pass the shoulder when bathing, the water pressure is as high as 500 kg, the human heart and lungs will easily feel uncomfortable, that is, increase the circulatory burden.

Double tub picture