The effect that pants can show in different seasons is also different, the style is different, and the atmosphere is also different. The pants in the Korean Wave are generally worn with

Atmosphere is the main one,

It is very free and generous, and the style is also very stable temperament in winter.

Look at the pants of real Korean amateurs,

The style is fashionable and comfortable, match

The matching skills are very superb, and their pants matching method is very characteristic and belongs

Temperamental collocation,

Obviously, I didn’t just choose a random pair of pants and went out, the overall matching has been carefully matched, Korean amateurs used to wear pants like this, fashionable and warm, each

It’s all quite trendy.

▷Recommended matching of black pants

Black pants are a style that many people have, of course

The best matching pants style,

When matching black pants, you must choose a fashionable and exquisite matching method. However, wearing the style itself is very strange, black pants do not have to think about so much, just match a pair casually

Stylish enough.

Add white stripes on the side of the black pants, and the temperament of the entire pants will be revealed

Gotta be more fashionable

There is also a delicate leg contouring effect on the front, making the legs appear thinner and straighter. It is also because of the design of the white stripes, even if the matching clothing is very simple and pure

There is no problem with black clothing.

Black pants without a pattern design are more familiar to everyone, and fat wide-leg pants can be paired with both a trench coat and a down jacket in winter, which is a more liberal and literary outfit that can make your outfit look more free. Many British style matching methods and K-pop matching methods have coats and

A combination of wide-leg pants.

It’s just that the K-pop is a summary, and the clothing for the upper body tends to be more fashionable

The colorful costume, colorful

Sweatshirts with color patterns, sweaters with color directly, etc., with fashionable bags, display

Full of fashion.

British-style clothing will be paired with gray or white clothing to highlight the retro style, too

The wide-leg pants also

There are many different kinds of display

Pairing method.

Pipe pants and wide-leg pants are slightly similar, only thinner, but also only suitable for people with thinner legs, showing straight legs, royal sister Fan is quite strong. Wear a cropped coat with it

Pipe pants, yes

The aura of the show is very imposing, slightly

Mature and domineering.

Wearing a long jacket with pipe pants will make the clothing matching have a sense of layering, when wearing a black outfit, it is recommended to choose pipe pants so that it is not easy to wear out

Clothing with a swollen effect.

Black pants will not only show a variety of different temperaments according to different shapes, but also have fabric distinctions, tweed pants or jeans are the most classic fabric named pants. The black version of the jeans is handsome and aura, yes

Clothing that has a good age-reducing effect.

Pair it with the same style

Denim jacket

, will also make your outfit vintage, casually paired with a T-shirt, you can easily have

Very funky visuals.

▷ Blue denim

After seeing black jeans, let’s learn about blue jeans, the most classic jeans are blue, of which the light blue with a very obvious aging effect is the most retro, which can make your match full of youth, and will be full

Literary and artistic fan.

Fat light blue pants are more suitable for pairing with a retro-style green trench coat, making the overall match look more stylish, wearing fat retro

Jeans with cropped skinny clothing

, and a fat long coat can show off the Korean Wave


If it goes together

Shouldered tweed coat,

The effect will become French style, the difference is still relatively large.

Unlike fat pants, wearing ordinary style jeans, everyone’s matching clothing will be more relaxed, after all, fat jeans do not match

Tight clothing,

It is too easy to show fat, and the fit design is not so fat jeans with fat clothing

It will be more free-spirited.

The upper body chooses a double-layer sweatshirt and a fat short cotton jacket, so that the design of the jeans itself that is not tight looks more close, and the clothing combination is rich

Layers and fashion sense

。 Slightly chubby girls are best to wear dark blue skinny jeans to match

Loose clothing is visibly thin.

▷Gold velvet trousers

The style of the trousers also has many different fabrics, very characteristic, gold velvet pants

Vintage Van is also strong

, the popular trend is not very strong, belongs to niche clothing styles, suitable for matching more

Characteristic temperament

。 The purple gold velvet trousers and the same loose purple gold velvet jacket are full of atmosphere and the color has a trendy visual effect. Perfect for pairing with blue cropped cotton clothing,

The fusion between colors is both refreshing and characteristic,

The purple is slightly lighter and the blue is slightly darker, and it doesn’t match the effect of such a fashionable and historical charm of the color.

However, fashion Xiaobai who does not understand the skills of colorful clothing matching every day, this colorful gold velvet pants should not be bought.

▷ Tweed trousers

Tweed trousers are very


Make your clothing more artistic, the difficulty of matching is high, even if the model body is not easy to wear

Slimming effect

, What needs to be paid more attention to is the sense of atmosphere on the pants.

Recommended with it

Brown lamb wool coat

, coat or light gray suit to enhance the atmosphere in the overall outfit, wear an extra one

Baseball cap

, you can easily show the aura of the Korean Wave, and you don’t have to worry about the effect of matching too European and American.