Hailey Baldwin Has Been Hailey Bieber Since Summer 2018 When She Obtained A Marriage License with The Sorry Singer in New York City.

Since the summer of 2018, Hailie Bolden was in New York with this “Sorry” singer, she is already Hai Li Bibo.

And the savvy 22-year-old guess model already wants to use what name to design a lotting line.

This very knowledgeable 22-year-old Guess Signing model wants to use this name to design a clothing series.

But the US Patent & Trademark office has told the blonde beauty that she very soon must prove she is indeed Mrs Bieber before they will put their stamp of approval on her paperwork, according to The Blast.

According to “The Blast” magazine, the US Patent Trademark said that the blonde woman must prove that he is Bobber, or they can’t cover it on her documents.

Hailey Was Recently Sent A Letter by The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Asking Her To Submit Her Proof, IT WAS CLAIMED.

It is alleged that the US Patent Trademark Office recently sent a letter to Haili asked her to submit evidence.


The US Patent Logo said that Hayi’s application needs to include handwritten consent, to prove she is indeed Hayley Bobo.

She also needs to formally give permission for the trademark to be register.

海莉要用“Hailey Bieber”设计服装!这波秀恩爱666

She also needs to formally approve the use of the trademark registration.

And Here Is The Sticky Part: Hailey Must Be Specific About What Type of Clothing She Is Making, Like WHETHER She Is Designing Lingerie, Sports Wear OR Bikinis.

The most tricky is that Hayi must specifically explain what type of clothes she wants, such as design underwear, sports clothes or bikini.

OFTEN, STARS WANT That Information to Be As Private As Long As Possible for publicity and marketing purposes.

Usually, all the stars hope that this information is as confidential as possible to achieve publicity and marketing purposes.

The Blast Also Claims That ‘OffiIals Note The Matter’s attorney on The Matter.’

“The Blast” also reported that “officials claimed that they have discussed the lawyers of Bobo.”

If SHE DOESN’T Offer The Proof Soon, Her Application Will Be Refused, IT WAS Also Alleg.

It is said that if she does not provide evidence as soon as possible, her application will be rejected.

(Translation: Ball)

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