Casual style of clothing is liked by female friends, after wearing it shows casual and lazy, very summery atmosphere, the fly in the ointment is that the heat absorption effect of black is strong, absorbing too much sunlight and bringing too much heat to the body. Kim Hee-sun wore a black mid-length T-shirt. A five-pointed star pattern is added in a conspicuous position in the middle, and the three-dimensional sense is strong, slightly filling the gap left by the solid color. Appropriate use of these small embellishments reveals a strong sense of design. Kim Hee-sun is full of aura, wearing a black T-shirt to appear high-class and foreign, with long hair fluttering and very goddess.

Dressing knowledge points: choose the right color for yourself, use black to highlight the mature charm, black thin function is also relatively strong, if your body is slightly fat, then you need to use this color to slightly modify, the arms are displayed, under the black background, the skin is brightened by a degree, Kim Hee-sun’s skin itself is relatively fair, the use of this color matching is more white and white, as the saying goes: “one white covers three ugly”. It really allows the effect of the outfit to be maximized. When photogenic, the black T-shirt and white skin form a sharp visual contrast, which is equally eye-catching.

Kim Hee-sun is really a temperament goddess! Wear a long black short-sleeved T-shirt to appear simple and atmospheric, with tips: when taking photos, you can shoot sideways, especially if the jawline is obvious, try to show this superior line outside. Since the choice of a slightly loose T-shirt, it will not bring too much tension to the body, so that the whole person is in a relaxed state, naturally able to wear a better visual effect. Roll up the sleeve a little to add a layer to it. Pieces designed in solid colors are inevitably a bit monotonous, but its style is relatively simple, but it can be worn with an atmospheric feeling.

Dressing tips: add a five-pointed star pattern in the middle conspicuous position, with a lot of three-dimensional embellishments, and use this three-dimensional decoration to directly brighten the whole person with the luster it contains. Choosing a mid-length T-shirt is also convenient to use the “disappearing method” this fashionable way of dressing, or it can be combined with other items to modify, after all, it is used for daily travel, wear it simply and casually, do not need to be too solemn and gorgeous.

The long hair is draped down, and the goddess is properly faced, the hair is slightly curly, and the layering is more distinct, and the use of this beautiful curve can also add a goddess fan. If it is a couple in the same frame, female friends can choose to spread their hair down, and the whole person has a sense of seeing a bird.

Color selection method: suit suits for the workplace and daily travel are more practical, in the formal occasions, the use of such a suit is not off the chain, since the integration of the occasion is more, then you can keep a few more sets in the wardrobe. Regarding the issue of color selection, it is recommended that you do not choose a very basic black, there will be some aesthetic fatigue after seeing more, and black has some dullness and seriousness. When wearing a suit, the most common hairstyle is a low ponytail, which is relatively simple and easy to tie, and is more in line with the temperament of mature women.

The printed chiffon dress brings a silky touch to the body, and the chiffon material is more transparent and breathable. When traveling in summer, the weather is relatively hot, and it is easy to use this material to bring coolness to the body. Add a print pattern on it, which is richer and makes the piece look less monotonous. These prints are in the shape of flowers, which can highlight the delicate feeling of female friends.

The color of the pink suit is more age-reducing, and it can be used to increase the vitality of Kim Hee-sun’s body and present a better mental appearance. Using spiritual qi to add a lot of points to the whole person. A belt is tied around the waist to cinch the waist, raising the waist line to reveal the proportions of the body, and further showing a pair of long legs. Three-dimensional flowers are also added to the belt, which adds a feminine touch.

The printed shirt has a large bow added to the neckline, which has a court atmosphere, and it is a perfect match for a blazer, which is worn confidently and beautifully in the workplace. The use of a suit makes the aura fully open, and there is a sense of immediacy of a domineering president.

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