The fruit bowl always appears in our lives in an artistic way, and the unique and beautiful shape makes the dining table elegant and dignified, and the high-quality material texture is super good. The fruit bowl comes in a wide variety of materials, including our favorite tempered art glass, ceramic European retro style, and environmentally friendly resin materials with different shapes. How can beautify the quality of life without the perfect fruit plate!

The fruit plate of art has a different taste, it is a fruit bowl or a work of art, dotted with the bits and pieces of life, art life home, need the embellishment of the fruit plate.

Tempered glass fruit bowl

The changing tempered glass gives the fruit tray a textured feel, and the transparent color tone imprints the fruit perfectly. Each small circle reflects a different degree of light sensitivity.

The thickened glass material is strong and durable, the shape design of the flower pattern looks atmospheric and classy, and the slightly yellowed classical tone combined with the material of glass is really perfect. The lower drag is electroplated hardware products, the use of waterproof and moisture-proof materials can be cleaned at any time, home life can choose the size and style according to the decoration style, as you like.

Crystal glass tray type fruit bowl

The fruit tray is a symbol of lifestyle, the unique electroplated tray is very textured, and the crystal glass reveals a perfect gloss suitable for table placement.

The design of the tray is suitable for quality life, it is a work of art and a fruit bowl. The translucent tempered glass material with lustrous reflection appears textured, and the content is large, which can hold a lot of fruits and snacks, which is convenient and practical. The rounded design of the lower drag is stable and atmospheric, and the non-slip treatment can be placed in the living and dining rooms.

European double glazed tray

The upper tray carries a vintage romance and can be filled with different fruits and nuts to enrich your afternoon tea life.

The European-style vintage double-layer fruit bowl always gives an elegant texture. Exquisite handmade glass fired a sense of art, so that the fruit bowl is chic and novel, the lower and upper layers and the fruit and dried fruits are placed separately, relatives and friends come to bring out the fruit bowl instantly feel high-end atmosphere high-grade, you also need a stylish fruit bowl at home.

Carved crystal glass fruit bowl

Glass carving is an art, and elegant built-in carving is a luxury. The unique shape makes the home life look textured.

The quality of imported allows you to have a luxurious life enjoyment, life is not simple, what we want is artistic quality. The whole body is made of crystal glass to create a gorgeous texture, and the carved design of the small leaf in the middle is exquisite and unique, which is perfect for viewing from every angle. The shape of the tray gives it a unique space for the plate, whether it is the dining table or bedroom.

Vintage ceramic fruit bowl

The texture of vintage ceramics is so elegant even for the fruit bowl, and the delicate hand-painted and fancy openwork base is really perfect.

The hand-painted pattern can only depict its delicate texture with care, and the brilliant color combination makes home life more beautiful colors. The high-temperature ceramic sintering is strong and durable, the most important thing is that the texture is super good, the corrugated edge is creative, all the gold tracing is luxurious and high-grade, and the base adopts a hollow design with more artistic atmosphere, adding fun to home life.

European style fruit bowl

The unique gold-tracing shape makes the fruit bowl look textured, the exquisite carving is suitable for quality life, and the non-slip base is perfect and durable, decorating home life.

The European retro style is a favorite of many young people, and every little detail of the fruit bowl is handled flawlessly. The curved corrugated edges are treated flawlessly, the gold tracing has a delicate aesthetic, the exquisite European print makes the fruit bowl brilliant and toned, and the exquisite openwork base is a perfect European style. Eco-friendly materials are strong and durable, giving you a luxurious life.