Bitter melon original, reproduction must be investigated!

“Bitter Melon E-sports” – let you experience a different e-sports anchor circle!

Every flag is to satisfy your own desires. Just want to say that this sentence still makes sense, originally Flag was a very scary thing at the beginning, but now, Flag is a way for major game streamers to satisfy their desires, very naughty. No, for KPL Atai, this time Flag is a dream journey, fulfilling his women’s dream, very showy.

As today’s King Glory popular anchor, Ah Tai is fully focused on live broadcasting, just to bring more wonderful live broadcast content to netizens, this time, his Cos debut is coming, but also fighting, the most important thing is that it is still challenging Little Joe Black Swan, can play. Seeing Ah Tai’s dress, is he conquered, there is an indescribable feeling.

In fact, Tai’s appearance is clear to everyone, after all, it was also KPL’s face value back then, it was indeed very handsome, I didn’t expect that this time Tai also dared to challenge women’s clothing, and it was so difficult, they almost didn’t know him, the change was indeed great, from the styling alone, this time Tai’s Cos is still very successful.

This is not, even the official is here to make fun Oh, Artai women’s clothing commentary, a little interesting.

For his own dress, Tai is very satisfied, after all, he is also busy with all kinds of connections with good friends, what sword fairy, Tai, Tuomi, etc., but also claims to be pure desire ceiling full of confidence ah, anyway, friends see Tai dressed up, are conquered, did not expect that Tai also has this side, play too big, Flag or don’t stand casually.

Women’s Cos, only once and countless times, Tai is already on the car, and then I am afraid that it will be out of control, I feel that in fact, Tai Cos Li Bai, the handsome kind, is also very good Oh, itself handsome.

What do you think of Atai’s Cos show this time? Do you still like Little Joe’s skin?

I am bitter melon, I bring salt for myself! (without oil)