The first “Zhongguancun Maker Exchange” will be held from May 15 to 17, 2015 at the 18th China Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Expo at the China International Exhibition Center (Old National Exhibition), most of the exhibited projects are the latest and trendiest maker works at home and abroad.

If you care about smart hardware? If you’re willing to give it a try? If you want to be a maker? Come and join us for our special event! Zhongguancun Maker Fair – the platform invites you to experience it on the spot, and strive to turn innovative ideas into reality through hardware creation, software development, design and other means, so that you can personally experience maker culture and feel the maker atmosphere! The specific activities are arranged as follows: (1) Platform session:

D1 (May 15, 10:00~11:00) – Hard Creation Session

Mirage Intelligence:

PIXEL Classic 2 smart front switch, Nova 2 smart light, Sushi smart door sensor, TelePort smart gateway


GoKit Development Kit


Global Maker Marathon

D2 (May 15, 14:00~15:00) – Hard Egg Network Session

CEIN Goku refers to vein recognition mice

Squirrel smart photo frame

Mocha personal smart 3D printer

D3 (May 16, 10:00~11:20) – Angel Growth Camp

Smart skin tester

GLXSS smart glasses

Carrot companion robot

Starry Sky Kids Guard smartwatch

(2) Maker Bazaar

D4 (May 16, 14:00~15:20) – Technology Life Session (Angel Growth Camp & Hard Egg)

Pony Clicks – no strangers on the road!

Zixiao Technology – the future at your fingertips!

Chasing drama artifact – high-speed rail is also available video box!

Qixin Yiwei – eye tracking and virtual reality, a different combination!

D5 (May 17, 10:00~11:20) – Machine Vision Session

Antview Technology – Virtual World, Goodbye Reality!

Vast Technology – Let the machine understand the world!

Xiche Technology – China’s first smart toothbrush!

Zero Intelligent Control – the flight control expert around us!