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The weather in Shanghai is getting cooler,

Many people change into thickened pajamas early

There are always many people in life

Bright time out

At home, it is sloppy and slovenly

Especially those under the banner of warmth

“Flannel, coral fleece”


Bloated and speechless pajamas

It’s really crushing

Put on your body and become a village girl in a second

Wear it to sleep and sweat

It’s like wrapped in a plastic greenhouse

The whole person is not good

As the saying goes, buying pajamas can tell a woman’s attitude towards life

Delicate women where others can’t see

In fact, it is also pleasing itself

Velor has always represented a sense of premium

It has a luxurious and noble texture and a lazy sexiness

It was first offered to European royalty

In Titanic, Jack and Rose snuggle up in the wind on a ship

Very classic and sexy

And Rose was wearing a dress made of velvet

No layered skirt cumbersome, simple shape

It presents a different kind of elegance and nobility

Indulge in a silky texture

Fascinated by a large group of men

Double-sided silver fox down pajamas

Gently warm, delicate and silky

No hair loss, no static electricity

After putting it on,

Light as clouds, warm as fire

It exudes the elegance and generosity of oriental women

It can avoid getting cold at night

It also helps improve sleep quality


Double-sided silver fox velvet warm and silky

Because it is worn closely

Must be requested

Breathable, comfortable and no oppressive

The body’s blood circulation slows down while sleeping

An ill-fitting nightgown can cause a lot of inconvenience

So pajamas must choose good, comfortable materials

This pajamas are really comfortable, simple and natural, although it is a niche pajama brand

But the texture is no less than many big names

Double-sided silver fox down is a new type of fabric

Not too thick and not too thin

Because the density between the fabric fibers is higher

It is coral-like and has excellent coverage

Coral-like, delicate texture

Silky soft feel, no ball

No color fades, gentle warmth

The coefficient of frictional stimulation of velvet to the human body is second only to silk

Delicate suede texture

Feels as smooth as baby’s skin

Soft velor

Material to wear on the body

Just don’t be too comfortable


Its warmth

It is several times more than ordinary cotton pajamas

Finally can get rid of that

“Earth” is bloated warm pajamas

At night, wear a set of pajamas that make you comfortable and comfortable after bathing

It’s really a beautiful thing on earth


Warmer than a hug 8 times warmer than wool

This Chanel-only dressing gown is



A selection of 100% top Mongolian cashmere

Velvet is more villi than normal

The touch is warmer and softer, and it is delicate and close

Velvet is 8 times warmer than wool

It can make the temperature rise quickly and not stuffy

And lock in heat loss

It weighs only one-third of wool

0 pressure to sleep all night

Get closer to nature

Use velvet

Italian weaving craftsmanship


Italy imported loom


Vertical warp and weft weaving technology

It went through 12 processes to create this piece

Breathable and sweat-absorbent, comfort and temperament coexist

of dressing gowns

It is also added to the fabric

MASTERNINE patented antimicrobial technology

Resist the removal of ordinary sheep thread without dust

Anti-odor and mildew, antibacterial mite removal comfort and more secure


Chanel Factory classic black and white color scheme

Nobility is generally reflected in exquisite details

This dressing gown is used:

6. Heavy ironing process

Contrasting gold-tone piping design

Delicate and eye-catching, rich in layering

Highlight the elegance and nobility of women

This winter

There is a set”

Elegant, sexy, sophisticated, romantic

Velvet loungewear in one

Showing feminine femininity from the inside out

At home, you should also wear the highest fashion sense


Master design Exquisite and noble

A set of comfortable pajamas, the details cannot be ignored in the design of the pajamas in the shape

It’s different from the big names of the past

The fit is made by foreign designers

Tailor-made according to Asian body shape

Follow the curves of the human body

Three-dimensional cropping to show the S-shaped body

Thoughtful and safe care for every inch of skin

Temperament trim, fashion collision

Contrasting trimmed lines define the figure

Highlight the elegant and dignified charm

Small V-neck design

Not only that

Stretch your neck line

It also allows you to slightly expose your collarbone

Sexy yet dignified

There are pockets for both the top and pants

Usually go downstairs to throw garbage

You can free your hands

There is no need to bring a bag out of the house

Some inferior rubber bands

Every time I wear it, I will make a mark on my stomach

But this one

The pants of the gold velvet pajamas are soft and not ribbed

Different waist circumferences can be easily fitted

The entire set of pajamas is used

Plant active printing and dyeing

Safe and non-irritating, not easy to fade


Exclusive for couples

There’s something very special about that

This pajamas are



In addition to the girls’ model, there are

Boys’ models

Sweet crit with boyfriend

Wear it at home too

“Couple outfit”

Boys generally choose to wear blue

It appears more calm and reliable

Throw away your “dirty” bloated pajamas

Replace it and go out to get takeaway

No more scrambling to change clothes


Wear a laid-back, casual French style

Chanel exclusively

In addition to pajama models, there are

Sexy dressing gowns

A dressing gown adds a sense of security

No matter what to wear inside

It’s sexy to take off, and it’s elegant to put on

Black texture, gold bumper design

It exudes an irresistible French flair

No wonder became

Blurred eyes, like clouds like fog

The endless luxury of the pajamas is combined with an alluring posture

Sexy should be extremely superlative

Instructions for washing

1. When the pile product is cleaned in the first 2 times, there will be a small amount of cutting

The fluff that sticks to it will be gone after cleaning 1~2 times

2. Please use silk special detergent or neutral detergent, suitable for low temperature

Hand wash. Wash with dipping, not soaking, avoid mixed washing

3. Do not bleach.

4. Do not twist and knead during cleaning, do not dry and drum dry.

5. When drying, please spread it in a ventilated place to dry it to avoid exposure to the sun.

6. For the velor part of the pajamas, please blanch the cloth at low temperature

7. You can also choose a gentle program to ease dry cleaning.

8. When storing, please wash, iron, dry, wrap in cloth and put in the box

Upper layer of cabinet to avoid wrinkling.


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