The day when the “Qixi Night” cowherd and weaver girl meet at the Magpie Bridge is also what we call Valentine’s Day. This day is believed that most couples will spend with their loved ones, and the most worn clothing for couples is “couple clothing”, two people wearing the same style or style of clothing when they appear, even people who do not know each other will let people know that they are couples.

However, the biggest feature of couple wear is not these, but that even if the couple wears an ordinary T-shirt, it can create a very trendy sense of sight.

Wang Yanlin and Ai Jiani are a good example, the couple wear a “couple” T-shirt and shorts, seemingly low-key dress but very eye-catching, walking in the crowd can easily stand out, very eye-catching.

In fact, whether the two wear T-shirts or shorts, each piece is not a very stylish clothing, but the two wear it at the same time is different. Not only does it give people a sweet and happy feeling, but it also makes the husband and wife stand out from the crowd and become the focus of attention.

Although the two are not fashionable and stylish, the concept of dressing is not wrong at all, and it is worth learning from. For example, the color matching method of Aijani’s shape, the neutral color of black, white and gray is simple and atmospheric, and there is no need to worry about age and body restrictions, which is very friendly. In particular, the “loose and tight” dressing method is adopted, which modifies the whole person’s figure, and the legs also look very feminine after being released. Even if you form a five-fifty figure, you can make the shape very eye-catching with your petite and cute body, and it has a bit more playfulness.

This kind of outfit is suitable for petite and cute girls, and it is different to change to a tall and strong man, so Wang Yanlin used a little trick when wearing a T-shirt. The way of dressing with tucked corners and raising the waist line can make the original five-fifty point outfit very smart and neat, and at the same time add a bit of asymmetrical fashion sense, which is very trendy. Especially suitable for boys who are not very tall, it can change people’s visual effects at once.

In addition to dressing skills, a lot of thought has been put into the matching of shoes, using color contrast to add highlights to the look, and the color of the sole makes the outfit more youthful and vibrant. It is also because of the matching of shoes that the whole look has become particularly delicate and very fashionable.

Although the clothes chosen by Wang Yanlin and Ai Jiani are not tasteful, the correct matching methods and tips still make the whole outfit look very good.

In fact, there are still a lot of fashionable “couple outfits” looks, and they are not limited to wearing on Valentine’s Day, you can also choose when you go out with your girlfriend.

A different couple’s outfit

When wearing couple clothes, it does not mean that you have to choose exactly the same clothing, different styles as long as the style and color match, you can also wear the feeling of a couple. Next, let’s take a look at what other couple styles are, and I hope to help you through the following sharing.

(1) Use color matching to create a couple’s look

Baby and Huang Xiaoming take advantage of this, the same color matching and clothing style matching, still make people have a sense of couple. In particular, the two also chose casual style outfits, coupled with the same denim fabric clothing, the sense of couple is more intense.

However, compared to the baby’s dress, it is more fashionable, and through the suspender pants style, she exudes a petite and cute little femininity, making the whole person look very delicate and playful.

(2) The same style, the same color and different patterns are also couples’ outfits

Men and women themselves are not the same gender, and the change of pattern can just distinguish the gender of the two, and also reflect the meaning of couple clothing. This T-shirt is a couple outfit created with different patterns, cartoon patterns add cute, youthful vitality to ordinary T-shirts, but also through color contrast to make the shape more eye-catching and more three-dimensional.

(3) Complementary colors for couples

In addition to the above two couple outfits, you can also choose a couple outfit with complementary colors, although this will look very different, but when two people stand together, it will instantly make people feel like a couple. For example, the styling of Chen Xiaochun and his wife, there is no feeling when viewed alone, but the two are like a couple in the same frame, and the femininity of women and the masculinity and handsomeness of men can also be distinguished, and their boyfriends will not look feminine because of the color.

Well, the couple’s outfit is shared here, after reading these “couple outfit” looks, are you also moved? Which one do you prefer? Welcome to leave your comments in the comment area, looking forward to our next meeting!

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