Although rain can be good for crops, but also reduce dust and noise, but in the city, rain is sometimes a troublesome thing, travel is not convenient not to say, if you catch up without an umbrella, the result of dripping soup chicken, it is really a man who looks at the silence and the woman looks at tears.

The rainy day advertisement said that it was more compatible with chocolate music, but shouldn’t it really be a variety of protective rain gear!!!! So Ladys And, the mud that also has to go to work and school on rainy days, are you ready with all kinds of rain gear to deal with?

9. Reverse the double-layer hands-free umbrella

The embarrassment of collecting umbrellas on rainy days is solved by it. Wet umbrellas into the house are always easy to make the floor wet, it is easy to cause the consequences of others falling, and it is also a variety of embarrassments when getting on the bus to collect umbrellas, and being stuck by the door is not once or twice. It’s so angry to think about it, and I can’t keep my smile.

The umbrella that Xiaoli Sauce wants to recommend adopts the “anti-bone” umbrella frame design, and the direction of the umbrella is just opposite to the traditional umbrella, and the wet umbrella surface is just wrapped inside, and there is no need to worry about the clothes being wet by the residual rain. The umbrella pattern is very creative, even if it is dark outside, the colors inside the umbrella can give you a good mood.

Not only can it be used on rainy days, but it is also indispensable for steamer-like summer days! It has a sun protection index of 50+, which can effectively prevent the sun from becoming a “little roast chicken”. The C-shaped handle design frees your hands, so you can play with your phone when you play with an umbrella!


8. Nairo Fully automatic folding oversized umbrella

The large, portable and creative fully automatic umbrella is here!! Naraku’s umbrella is really a combination of beauty and talent! The traditional large umbrella is like a civilized stick that can poke from the waist to the ground, feeling that only grandpa is suitable for such an umbrella~ But this umbrella is large and portable, and a family of three can accommodate it!

Fully automatic retracting design, you can change from a large umbrella to the size of an ordinary folding umbrella with just one touch! The theme of the umbrella is also romantic to the point of not being able to ~ ~ “Romance in Venice”, “Love on the banks of the Seine”, “Meet in London” just listening to these names is telling you: hurry up and buy an umbrella and walk in the rain with your lover!

In addition to romance, it is also strong! The glass fiber umbrella bone is very strong and strong, as long as there is an umbrella and a lover around, no matter how strong the wind is, you are not afraid! This umbrella is also a rain or shine model, in the summer to give an umbrella to the girlfriend, there will no longer be an umbrella on the head and the girlfriend is sunburned!


7. Yaen Ge Fully automatic children’s umbrella

Enough of the umbrellas of the big pot friends, let’s take a look at the ones suitable for the small pot friends! In fact, children need a fully automatic umbrella more than adults. This fully automatic umbrella of Yaen Ge is really suitable for children!

The theme design of the umbrella surface is full of childlike heart, which little pot friend of the fat chinchilla does not like! When it comes to umbrellas and totoro, Korei-chan thinks of the big totoro with a small umbrella in Hayao Miyazaki’s anime. Inexplicably with a face! The umbrella handle is wrapped in special materials, warm and skin-friendly, without the cold feeling of traditional metal handles, and children will not be frozen when they hold it!

The handle shape is ergonomic for a comfortable and effortless grip. The eight umbrella bones are strongly supported and are all hand-sewn onto the umbrella surface, and the quality is very guaranteed! Hurry up and get a chinchilla umbrella for the little cutie at home, so that they will look forward to the rain every day, think of the baby holding an umbrella in the rain, very cute!


6. Big brim with schoolbag space waterproof poncho

If you want to play and run in the drizzle, it is most convenient to wear a raincoat! This Korean-style children’s raincoat is very trustworthy! Because of the material problem, many raincoats will have a “refreshing” rubber smell when they are just bought, which makes people uncomfortable, so Aunt Xiaoli-chan (please read it in Taiwanese accent) very intimately chose a tasteless conscience product for the little cuties~

This raincoat is made of EVA’s new green environmental protection material, which is completely odor-free, and hemp can be worn by children with confidence. Exclusive schoolbag space on the back is convenient for small pot friends to carry their school; The brim is also transparent and will not block the view, and the large brim is more rain-shielding; The luminous strip on the back can better protect the baby’s safety; The sweet candy color is also the favorite of Xiaobun friends~~

Tip: The most important thing for the hemp is that this raincoat does not need to be washed!!!! Wipe it clean after wearing it.


5. Dr. Thomas children’s rain boots

Candy-colored raincoats are available, and it’s even more perfect with a pair of candy-colored rain boots! These children’s rain boots are fun and each color is an exclusive representation of a small animal. Coco the yellow duckling, Jack the little pea dragon in green, Tiffany the little penguin in blue, and Melody the cute cat in pink.

Just looking at it, I feel cute in my heart~ The hemming design of the shoe collar is very intimate, preventing the rain boots from grinding the tender skin of the little pot friend. The length of the booties is neither watery nor detrimental to walking, so it must be suitable for playing in the rain on rainy days. If you are afraid of cold in spring and autumn, you can also buy it with plush socks, but pay attention to the shoes to shoot one size bigger with fleece socks!

If a set is complete, I feel that the children will transform into the little cute in the animation, and the forehead drops the sky ~ Why are the little pot friends’ things so kawaii, Xiaoli-chan really wants to rejuvenate ah!


4.Style Rain hand-painted women’s low-barrel rain boots

Hum! Only the things of the little pot friends are cute, and such a small gift sauce of life is not convinced!! Big pot friends can also find cute rain boots~ Although the rain boots in Xiaolichan’s house are classic black models for fishing for fish, I have actually been pursuing a rain boot that suits me.

Style Rain’s rain boots completely satisfy the girly heart of Xiaoli-chan! In addition to the material can be seen to be rain boots, in fact, the style has long been made into a modern and popular style. There are two styles of patterns: Space Walk and Fish Chasing Legend. The spacewalk is easy to understand, but what is the little cat chasing fish in the water with a mask, and it really looks at the “fish chasing legend” that can’t be eaten!

These cartoon stickers are modern and retro, and you can go out on the street with a polka-dot short skirt~ Even if it doesn’t rain, Xiaoli-chan wants to wear these shoes!


3. Translucent waterproof shoe covers

If you don’t like to wear rain boots, it’s inconvenient to wear rain boots, don’t want to go to work and school and then change shoes, if you just want to wear small white shoes on rainy days, then you can also choose outdoor waterproof shoe covers!

This shoe cover is exported to Japan, and the quality and appearance are satisfactory. Pink, blue and yellow transparent shoe covers are fresh and bright, and passers-by will envy you for having this artifact when worn on your feet! The sole is thickened and has deep lines, which makes it easy to cope with rainy days and walk without slipping! The adhesive strap at the ankle can better fix the shoe cover, and there will be no embarrassment of throwing the shoe cover out while walking.

Xiaoli-chan remembered that when she was a child, she naively thought that wearing a plastic bag would solve everything, but in fact, before she arrived at the station, she completely hit the street… In addition, this shoe cover can be worn many times on flat ground, wash it after wearing, and continue to use it next time it rains!


2. Rainy day creative artifact bucket hat

When it rains, I feel that my hands are not enough, and it is really annoying to carry bags, umbrellas, and raincoats, and I can’t wait to grow a third hand!

This creative cloak for rainy days really saved us, as long as we have two arms and a head, we can wear it, truly freeing our claws. Not only is it easy to wear, it’s also portable, and it looks like it occupies a lot of space, but grab the steel ring below with both hands and twist a “8” figure, and you can fold it up and put it in a bag bag.

It weighs less than 180g, is 1cm thick, and is about the size of a book, so it’s best to stuff it in your bag to prevent rain! Don’t look at it so thin and a plastic bag that breaks with a poke, but in fact, people use a new environmentally friendly material PEVA, which is more elastic than you think!

There are also two elastic straps at the neck of the cloak, so just stick your arms in when wearing it, even if it’s windy! Don’t hesitate, buy two and keep them in the office or classroom for later! People with heights from 90cm to 180cm can find a suitable number~


1. European wrought iron lucky cat rain gear storage rack

After seeing so many things to use when going out on rainy days, finally Xiaoli-chan will recommend a rainy day must-have supplies that need to be prepared at home. Dangdang!! Cat rain gear storage rack. This storage shelf is really not too cute, and it is also a good choice to usually put it at the door for decoration.

The cat’s nose, eyes, ears, hands and even beard are used to put rain gear~ long-handled umbrella We can directly put it on the cat’s arm, and the short-handled umbrella will be hung at will. An iron disc is made at the bottom of the storage rack to prevent the remaining rainwater from dripping on the rain gear from falling to the ground. In this way, when you get home, you don’t need to dry on the ground wet.

This shelf has a total of three colors: bronze for ancient rhyme, black for eternity, and fresh European white, see what decoration style you choose a suitable color!