Black is the most advanced color and the most sexy color,

So many little fairies who take the mature route are in concave styling

They all have a very unique preference for black.

In addition, black is also very versatile,

It can be said that it is especially friendly to little fairies of all skin colors

So that’s why black is a very popular color no matter what the era.

Black also has certain tricks when dressing,

Some styles can make black play better, increase the role of maturity and sexiness, so as to make the wearer look more attractive and feminine.

How do you express your personality through black? I believe that many little fairies have thought deeply about this problem, so let’s follow the editor to see the mystery of black!

Black is one of the most common colors, and female stars also like it,

For example, Dawn’s ex-wife and female star Le Quier often wear black clothing

, and Lequier’s temperament is very mature, wearing black clothing is also more suitable, you can refer to Lequier’s black clothing matching.

Dawn’s ex-wife Xiong Dailin in the same frame did not lose, a black dress with charming curves, skin color is not white and beautiful, and I have to say that Le Quier is worthy of being Dawn’s ex-wife, although she does not look thin, but the meat grows in the place where it should grow.

Sexy black outfit

Recommended style: waist stitching

Recommended fabric: wool

Black soft tweed fabric is the most textured and can highlight the most noble fabric, combined with the style of splicing,

While adding some richness to the monotonous black

This almost cut-out design can also make the whole style look more sexy.

In addition, the combination of black and gold is also very high-end.

This outfit is more inclined to mature and glamorous style

, so when matching bags and shoes, you should choose a more mature and cold, small and delicate leather bag is a very good choice.

In the choice of makeup, it should also be matched with a more delicate and intense makeup

, will make the whole person look more proud and wild. It’s not too goddess, if you match a pair of high heels with a relatively high heel, it will look more awe-inspiring!

In addition to this, in formal settings,

A long plain black dress with a tight top and a loose bottom

It is also a highly recommended option, such a dress has a French elegance, and will make the wearer’s figure look very tall and delicate.

Therefore, whether it is with makeup or hairstyle, it must be biased towards arrogance and coldness,

It will highlight the black effect more prominently, if you feel that this is too simple to show the noble sense of the wearer, you can match the plush cape.

It really looks quite amorous.

Whether it is concave modeling or attending important occasions, it is a presence with a fairly high rate of return

, for the little fairy who takes the mature route, it is really worth getting Oh.

Modern Van Black Outfit:

Recommended style: strappy jumpsuit

Recommended element: Deep V

How can a piece of clothing satisfy both vintage and modernity?

That’s the combination of solid straps and V-necks.

For girls, suspenders are very capable of wearing the confidence and competence that urban women have.

In addition, it is also very suitable as a strong woman in the office,

It really looks very imposing and temperamental at a glance, and this kind of outfit belongs to a relatively simple and crude type.

So you don’t need to be too complicated in the choice of accessories,

The hairstyle should also look as simple and clean as possible

, the accessory is more recommended to match with a delicate mechanical watch.

This not only looks very British aristocratic style

, and it can also highlight the high-class taste of the dresser, which is really very practical!

Elegant Van Black Outfit:

Recommended style: deep V wide sleeve top + wide leg pants

Recommended fabric: chiffon

Chiffon dark V wide sleeve top with wide-leg trousers

Although it looks like pajamas, it has to be said that it is really a mature woman’s sense of elegance, and it looks very casual as a daily wear.

With high heels will make the whole person look exceptionally tall,

Whether it’s with heels or flat sneakers,

They all look very good, and the summer outfit is very cool.

Many fairies are troubled by the flesh on their bodies in summer,

Wear less flesh, wear more and hot,

Then such a black chiffon and extremely loose jumpsuit is the perfect choice.

Black is not only visually thin,

The style of the clothes also makes the curves of the figure faint,

But this outfit is still a bit old, not suitable for girls who are too young to try.

Sexy Van Black Outfit:

Recommended element: Lace

Recommended style: the same style of pajamas

In fact, fashion can be seen everywhere in life, such as pajamas,

This style can be said to be very rare as a daily wear

, but I have to deny that wearing it on the body is really very sexy.

That kind of noble lady temperament and amorous feeling came out at once, in addition,

The lace element is also a very good plus,

The combination of the two will make the whole dress look more sexy and sophisticated.

But this outfit is very creative,

It is also very comfortable to wear on the body

, but not very suitable as a daily wear, but the concave shape is still very good-looking.

In addition, the fabric with the skirt is usually the kind of reflective better,

Mercerized material and very cold fabric, which means that such a skirt is still very comfortable to wear on the body, and you can match some delicate buns or accessories when matching, and many sexy small items are also very plus!

Fashion Summary:

Black and skirts are more sexy,

So combined with some proper self-cultivation will be more beautiful

In addition, black with gold patterns also belong to a very high style of nobility, fairies can choose that combination of black and gold when choosing clothes.

The best effect of the black combination fabric is the satin material with good reflectivity.

This kind of fabric will make the overall outfit look more textured and quality.

Black short skirts with black stockings are really very sexy and good-looking, and little fairies are recommended to try them when wearing black short skirts!