Most of the swimsuits are special clothing worn by women when swimming in pools and outdoor seas, most of them are worn by women, and men can wear swimming trunks when swimming. Although swimsuits and gymnastics are the same, they are very body shape, but their fundamental materials are very different, easy, generally use waterproof soft mesh material, and when exposed to water, the fabric will not appear loose and sticky water expansion phenomenon.

Women in the wearing of swimsuits, can freely relax their body and muscles, and in the cool sea happily swimming, because according to different swimming occasions, swimsuits can also be divided according to the use, full wrap women’s swimsuits are more conservative especially suitable for professional swimming pool places, more exposed open swimsuits are suitable for outdoor beaches. In European and American movies, it is not difficult to see that when the scene is shot on the beach and the waves, you can see many beautiful women wearing sexy bikinis drinking champagne on the beach, lying under umbrellas, wearing sunglasses, enjoying the sea breeze, and there are also women freely playing their superb swimming skills in the ocean, showing their graceful bodies. If you are in a public pool with older age groups or more children, be sure to wear a more tightly wrapped swimsuit so that it is not eye-catching and embarrassing.

Swimwear can also play a role in modifying the female body, we need to first examine ourselves when making up ourselves, understand where our shortcomings are, if you are a woman with long legs and a slender body, then your legs, waist, arms, collarbones and other sexy parts are your strengths, such women can choose split bikinis or choose a bikini with a little tassel or pattern at the hem, so that the style of Hanzo can double the mystery of women, And it can make your upper body appear fuller and fuller. If you are a slightly chubby woman, a one-piece swimsuit is the best choice for you, it can wrap your whole body and visually make people look slimmer. If you are a leg

Speedo/Speedo Edge Japan imported Seiko HD waterproof and anti-fog swimming goggles male

Thick women, then when choosing a swimsuit, you must be the kind of dress with a wide skirt with a dark waistline or a dark color in the middle of the game and the light color on both sides is preferably S-shaped curve, this method can make the base of women’s thighs wrapped well, the depth of color can make people visually perceive the body is more graceful. If you are a rich bag group with side breasts and wide shoulders, a swimsuit with a small shawl is the best choice for you.

1. Speedo (Australia),

Speedo according to the pronunciation we can translate it as Speedo, he is a world-renowned swimwear manufacturer sports brand, as early as 1928 in Australia, in the early days, this manufacturer is specialized in the development of women’s underwear manufacturers, with the company’s excellent development, gradually into the field of women’s swimwear, since its release in the swimwear industry, with exquisite design and high-end quality to make Australian women fascinated, Later, it entered one of the supplier clothing lines of the Olympic Games, and many famous swimmers wore Speedo to compete in the arena, and they competed with themselves and results.

This women’s one-piece swimsuit design is very clever, dark gray and gray panels allow the female body to be perfectly displayed, and most women of all sizes can control this one-piece.

2. Hosa Hosa

Haosa is our largest sports and fitness clothing brand in China, in recent years in many high-end places have opened Haosha Fitness Gym, its brand developed yoga fitness sports underwear accessories and swimwear accessories are currently on sale good products. Hosa hopes to convey a healthy, naturally happier and more athletic lifestyle to the broad consumer community, especially white-collar workers who sit in the office for a long time.

The wine-rose red one-piece wide hem swimsuit can accommodate most women’s body curves, especially the wide hem is extremely friendly to people with thick legs, the ring-shaped design makes the large body not so monotonous, and the design of the middle waist can make the wearer’s body more slender.

Haosa’s women’s one-piece swimsuit is worth ¥179.

3. Arena (France)

Since the birth of ARENA in 1973 and France, it has been a large number of women with super high quality, novel design, with the continuous development of ARENA in the market, has its own status in the market, but also by many world-renowned swimming phenomena and lovers, Matt Biandi and Popov since its brand endorsement, once again pushed Arena in the market to another new wave, since then, Arena’s position in the swimwear market is even more indestructible.

The most iconic symbol of ARENA is its three-piece fish scales, which is not only the symbol of ARENA, but also the symbol of Arena.

In the three years since its founding, a swimmer has won the first place in swimming at the Olympic Games in Montreal, and has won 27 gold medals to stand out, and the fame of swimmers is also the vast market of Arena.

This blue-and-white porcelain swimsuit in the picture can reveal the wearer’s body.

4. Zoke Chauk

ZOKE was founded in 1996, since its inception, has been adhering to the promotion of national fitness, scientific fitness and all kinds of aerobic exercise, hope that the whole people can be more important to the importance of exercise, under the efforts of its brand, China’s fitness industry and international fashion frontier has been integrated, more and more Chinese into the concept of fashion and fitness life, especially long-term sedentary white-collar class is in love with this healthy way of daily life.

The meaning of the so-called fashion fitness is that when working hard for the quality of life, do not forget to shape our healthy and beautiful body, hope that everyone not only exercise in the gym, but also do some aerobic yoga at home, or do regular exercise on the treadmill.

This dark blue background is easy for women to adopt a stitching form, combining breathable mesh with waterproof mesh, and a dark blue vest conjoined under the mesh, so women don’t have to worry about walking around. And the design of the mesh can reduce the pressure of water pressure on the wearer, and it is also convenient for women to swim, so it is especially recommended for women who have just learned to swim, which can better help you quickly find the feeling of swimming.

5. Yingfa

Yingfa (YINGFA) has many industrial products, including swimwear, swimming goggles, goggles, swimming rings and other underwater sports-related products, are Yingfa’s main style, there are many well-known athletes of the first swimsuit are purchased under Yingfa, it also witnesses the continuous struggle and hard work of swimmers in the water over the years, in order to make every athlete can play to their strengths, Yingfa has produced a lot of swimming aids suitable for different groups of people, To meet the needs of each swimmer for products to the greatest extent, when the athlete swims, the quality of a swimsuit and the degree of auxiliary quality material will have a greater or small impact on the process of the competition, so before the swimming competition, you must choose more suitable sports equipment.

This women’s swimsuit uses a digital jet print to make the print more lifelike, when swimmers wear this swimsuit underwater sports, people will see what seems to be eleven beautiful flowers parading in the water, which is very beautiful.

6. Aimer adores

Aimer company headquarters in Beijing Chaoyang District high-tech park, the brand was founded in 1993, in the early days of the establishment, specializing in men’s and women’s intimate clothing and all kinds of bedding, with a good reputation, novel design, products that meet the needs of the human body thus has a high reputation in our market, the same Aimer also as a foreign marketing overseas company, in the United Kingdom and the United States and other European overseas markets have their own headquarters agents, At present, the number of employees, including workers, can reach about 10,000, which is a large-scale manufacturer in the underwear market.

In order to accept more design talents, Aimer Company has cooperated with Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology to establish an independent ergonomic research institute under Aimer, hoping that more students can have the opportunity to be discovered by the society, and will also regularly issue an olive branch for recruitment in the college every year, hoping that aspirants can play their strengths and do their best.

Monet’s garden swimsuit adopts a national-style upper body design and a solid hem, and does not forget the beauty of simplicity when the color is rich, so that the overall design sense will not be so complicated and impatient.

7. Sanqi

Sanqi company is an industry and trade integrated limited company, in our country is also a swimsuit industry of emerging industry, established late, in 2004 in the rise of the seaside city, the new city of the seaside city is China’s well-known clothing economic circle, Sanqi will be built around the new city, in such a mature economic circle relying on, Sanqi company in the clothing industry is rising rapidly, its designers are well-known clothing designers in China, they can well grasp the trend of the global clothing market, We will grasp the most popular elements of the moment or in the future, so as to continuously promote the most innovative clothing.

The black slim one-piece of the zebra pattern under the Sanqi brand can meet the body shape of most people, and it is very skin-friendly, and the material specifications are light and thin, so that the wearer will not feel the slightest sense of burden, so that he can swim freely in the pool.

Sanqi’s slim zebra one-piece swimsuit black style ¥148

8. Rundo Langdu

Rundo Langdu’s head office is in Jinjiang, its full name is Jinjiang Langdu Textile Co., Ltd., the company is since its inception, has been in fitness wear, yoga wear, casual wear and the production of swimwear as their main products, the current site area has reached 30,000 square meters, the factory has many advanced production equipment, and has its own textile department, can be in accordance with their own insight into the market, develop the most in line with the current popular fabrics, after the fabric production, it will be handed over to the clothing production department for post-processing, It also has its own sales department and after-sales department, and the strong Langdu soon emerged in China’s clothing market. Its functional fabrics are also purchased by many trading companies or fabric markets, waterproof and windproof nylon fabrics, 100% cotton fabrics, 100% quick-drying polyester, etc. are all hot products in its textile department.

This butterfly navy swimsuit is the latest and most distinctive product of Langdu, and the soft and lightweight mesh fabric reveals the wearer’s beautiful body.

The price of Langdu’s butterfly navy sports swimsuit is ¥250.2.

9. Trumpeter

Fujian Jinjiang Trumpeter Garment Co., Ltd. is an OEM industry and trade integrated enterprise, has its own independent project, with independent development department, design department and production and sales department, in our country’s Tmall Taobao has its own official store, in Jinjiang local and surrounding cities have opened their own branches, mainly online sales, and exported overseas, and many European and American swimwear companies signed contracts, every year European and American companies will be to its quantitative wholesale products. In addition to swimwear, his swimming goggles, swimming caps, beach pants, beach shoes and other outdoor products are his main products.

This brightly colored trumpeter bikini can make women look more vivid visually, and if your face is a lighter type, then this swimsuit can take the overall look to another level.

Trumpeter 305-1 suit in a bikini The price is ¥148

10. Kdilon Kadilon

Kdilon Kadilon is actually a branch brand of Liaoning Huludao Yifeng Sports Corporation, the brand series of products are swimwear, swimwear swimming goggles, and other outdoor beach clothing and accessories, the company uses the most advanced clothing CAD and digitizer, plotter, this design represents that the company is also an OEM, can support customers to customize the industry and trade of the company, customers can describe their own general design blueprint to the company, Or draw a mock up master and hand it over to the company’s design department to refine it for mass production.

In order to ensure the optimization of product quality, Huludao Yifeng has created its own printing embroidery department, while ensuring the quality of the fabric, the quality of printing can not be left behind.

Kdilon’s blue peacock swimsuit is full of ethnic style, and the company has developed a backpack with the same printed design for consumers to carry on the beach.

Kaidiron’s slim one-piece swimsuit Peacock Blue series, worth ¥166 10 off 100 purchases

There are many swimsuit models on the market, and consumers must make choices according to their own production conditions, bearing in mind the policy of making the best of their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses.