Introduction: Such a strong lineup of Coachella music festival just ended, next is the Chinese strawberry music festival, this is not only a music festival but also a fashion event, your equipment should be prepared in advance, it is better than going to the front and then busy. When it comes to music festivals, you probably think of hot pants, miniskirts, Top bra, crop tops, a bright bag can leave no traces of concave shape, add points to your look, let you get rid of passers-by! Without these lively and eye-catching bags, are you embarrassed to go to the lawn to party?

Concave styling also requires backpacks:

Coachella Music Festival is a popular backpack that allows you to party with your hands free while you swing to the music without worrying about your stuff disappearing. Pick a backpack that can be concave anytime, anywhere, and take advantage of the festival to get out and surf!

It girl Chiara Ferragni has countless bags, but this time she came to Coachella Music Festival and chose a delicate backpack that is small and practical and concave.

Black backpacks too unobtrusive? On a sunny spring day, it’s best to switch to a backpack in bright colors.

The backpack does not have to be carried on the shoulder, it is carried on one shoulder or in the hand casually and generously, and the concave shape does not leave a trace.

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Bright small package contracting return rate:

The biggest fear of the music festival is that it is too ordinary to wear it, buried in the crowd and become a passerby, and a bright and playful bag can instantly grab the camera. As the festival also makes the waist bag on fire, it is necessary to be fashionable and eye-catching when straddling the waist so that it will not be used as a conductor, and the concave shape without leaving a trace will be handed over to the bag!

If the festival wants to be hilarious up, don’t use a big bag as a burden, choosing a small and eye-catching bag is the right choice.

In addition to the eye-catching color, box bags and round bags are also popular bags, and the music excerpt to choose one of the most attractive bags is to be different from others!

Also most common at the Coachella music festival is a fanny bag, afraid that your fanny bag is not fashionable enough and will be regarded as a passerby? Then try to choose a bright and playful fanny bag.


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Swaying tassel romantic sexy:

Speaking of music festivals, of course, there are large green spaces, sunshine, music, and tassels that sway to the music. At the Coachella Music Festival, tassel elements can be seen everywhere, and the casual and wanton style of tassels is highly sought after by young people because it is particularly in line with the hippies’ pursuit of freedom, and it appears not only on clothes, but also on bags, and no swaying fringe bag can afford this joyful atmosphere!

Flared trousers paired with a short top for a casual western flair, paired with a fringed bag is perfect for satisfying hippies’ quest for freedom.

The off-the-shoulder jumpsuit reveals the romantic and sexy collarbone, and the swaying tassel and vintage suede fabric are one of the standard features of going to the festival.

The combination of a flowing long skirt and a long shirt + tassel bag is casual and casual.

CHLOÉ Jane mini fringed leather suede shoulder bag $1,119


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