The latest news: Through the feedback of the aid station, the rescued people have found their families with the joint help of today’s headlines and the aid station, please rest assured that well-wishers who pay attention to this matter! In order to protect the privacy of the person concerned, his name, photo and other information are hereby removed.

Recipient number: 18091407

Gender: Female

Recipient age: 40

Mental and intellectual condition: Other

Recipient characteristics: inability to communicate, suspected intellectual disability, need to take care of diet. Short hair, rose-red, blue and white plaid shirt, yellow cropped pants, red slippers, about 155cm tall.

Grant time: 2018-09-14

Location: Crystal Lake County, Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian

Contact: Xiamen Rescue Management Station


Additional Information:

Toutiao Tracing is a nationwide free public welfare project, dedicated to helping all kinds of families find lost people, its principle is to pop up windows near the place where the lost person disappeared, with the help of Toutiao’s large users, greatly improve the probability of possible witnesses helping to find people. Past successful cases have confirmed that the accurate regional pop-up window of headline tracing has a higher success rate for people with low mobility ability, such as the elderly and people with mental disorders who have been lost in a short period of time.