The first cold snap of 2021 has finally left us, the temperature has risen, and I can finally take off my “heavy and bloated” down jacket and put on my favorite coat again. If you haven’t found the right coat yet, don’t worry, look down and maybe it’s the “dish” you’ve been looking for!

Compared with other coats, plaid coats have irreplaceable advantages of other coats: versatile, fashionable, warm, durable, and unlimited wearing inspiration.

In recent years, the plaid coat on the runway has been interpreted by the model to be modern, rigid and soft, have you been fanned by it? ▼

First, the selection of the version

1. H-shaped plaid coat

Suitable for body shape: suitable for almost all figures, especially girls with slightly fat and thick legs

The advantage of the H-shaped plaid coat is that it is the same width from top to bottom, and it is smart and casual to wear, and most girls can handle it. ▼

The H-shaped plaid coat has many advantages, but there is also a disadvantage, that is, it is the same wide fit from beginning to end, and it lacks a cinched waist, and there will be no waist line when worn. ▼

2. X-shaped plaid coat

Suitable for figure: girls with slender waist and poor body proportions

You think the H-shaped plaid coat has no waist, it’s okay! We can look at the X-shaped plaid coat, which focuses on the waist or a belt, in order to highlight the waistline. It is especially suitable for people with poor body proportions, and the effect is guaranteed to shock your jaw. ▼

3. A-type plaid coat

Suitable for the body: the “savior” of the pear-shaped body

The shape of the A-type coat is a design with a wide top and a narrow bottom, which is very similar to the letter “A”! A belt is fastened around the waist to highlight the waist line while also showing better thinning. ▼

And the A-type plaid coat is especially suitable for small people, creating good body proportions, which is an advanced method of showing height. Wear it with a pair of cropped pants to reveal a little bit of skin and show off the leg length. ▼

4. O-shaped plaid coat

Suitable for figure: tall, thin, flat body

Type O is also called cocoon type, its shape is narrow up and down, the middle is full and rounded, such a plaid coat gives people a very soft feeling. ▼

Hey, there are also disadvantages, the O-coat does not have a pronounced shoulder line and waist, so it is still possible to appear fat. Isn’t it embarrassing to look at the picture below! ▼

2. Dress demonstration

LOOK 1 Plaid coat + hooded sweatshirt

Compared with ordinary underwear, a hooded sweatshirt can turn out a hat and has a strong sense of presence. What’s more, the sporty sense that comes with the hooded sweatshirt makes the smart plaid coat a little more casual and less prone to error. ▼

LOOK 2 Plaid coat + dress

The combination of a plaid coat and a dress ensures warmth and looks very light. When we enter the warm room, take off the plaid coat, and wear the dress alone, you are the most beautiful one. ▼

LOOK 3 Plaid Coat + Sweater

The classic plaid coat paired with a simple and warm sweater is very right, which can be described as a “strong combination”. Be better at it in everyday life.

In addition to crewneck sweaters, I recommend turtlenecks, high collars, warm and temperamental, even in the cold north.

We talked about the shape of the plaid coat, and how to wear it, you will have some ideas, let’s go back to the plaid coat itself, the plaid coat is divided into large plaid and small plaid coat, I recommend “dressing little white” to choose a small plaid , it is more delicate and delicate, and it is also very easy to control. ▼

If you want to dress more fashionable, it is recommended that you choose a plaid coat in a variety of colors, which has a great visual impact. ▼

After all, a high-quality coat, the price is not cheap, when choosing to refer to more, what kind of coat do you like, you can leave a message to me ~

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