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Nowadays, material life is becoming more and more abundant, consumption is also escalating, and the topic of health care has become in full swing. Under the education of major public accounts “drink 8 glasses of water a day”, even the post-90s generation has begun to insulate the nourishment of goji berries in thermos cups, and many reminder drinking apps have also emerged. In the hot summer, while constantly hydrating your body, you should always remind yourself that your skin is drinking “full” water?

As the first element of beautiful skin, moisture is also an important part of skin care, and skin dehydration can cause various skin problems. However, many women are also very easy to step into the misunderstanding of skin care, thinking that hydration is only in the dry season or dry skin need to do the homework, in the hot summer of love to produce oil is more in need of oil control products, the same enlarged pores are only due to not cleansing, will double with cleansing masks and makeup concealer… But as everyone knows, this will only be counterproductive, increase the burden on the skin, and make the skin condition worse and worse.

Therefore, to solve skin problems, hydration and moisturizing is the key, and in the mixed “moisturizing world”, how to choose a moisturizing product that can really make the skin get a source of hydration, which makes thousands of girls confused. Today, the editor is the ice muscle water of the natural hall from the Himalayan naturalist brand, this year’s natural hall ice muscle water family is newly upgraded environmentally friendly snow mountain bottle, with its good reputation of 10 years of best-selling, it has received countless praises, glacier hydration, polar moisturizing, let the skin drink good water!

Continuing the word-of-mouth boom, the ice muscle water family has newly upgraded “environmentally friendly snow mountain bottle”

Natural Tang Ice Muscle Water has been on the market for 10 years and has sold a total of 50,000,000 bottles so far, with an average of one bottle sold every 6 seconds! Word of mouth “good water” is worthy of the name! Each bottle is infused with Himalayan 5 128m Glacier Water Energy, nourished by its unique natural small molecule clusters, and quickly penetrates with Ice-Tech Ice Muscle Technology to help soothe, calm and lift the skin barrier.

*Note – 6 seconds: According to brand data, more than 50 million bottles of ice muscle water series products were sold between 2010 and 2018, with an average of one bottle sold in nearly 6 seconds*Note – 5128 meters: refer to the “Gangguozi [2012] No. 35” Gangba County Land and Resources Bureau document, reflecting the water source altitude of more than 5128 meters

On the basis of continuing the excellent quality, this year, the Bingmushui family has comprehensively upgraded its packaging, and as a brand that advocates sustainable development and spreads “beauty”, Nature Hall strives to bring consumers a better skin beauty experience. While continuously improving product quality, we pay close attention to environmental protection. Adhering to the innovative concept of “energy conservation and environmental protection”, the natural hall ice muscle water family has newly upgraded the “environmentally friendly snow mountain bottle”, which has subverted the tradition since the production process, and adopted the leading one-time molding process in China to reduce raw material energy consumption and atmospheric environmental pollution; While greatly improving performance, the gradient body color is more natural and has a better texture.

One-time molding gradient technology: 90% less CO2 emissions than the traditional spraying process, zero paint consumption, can reduce the use of about 80 tons of paint per year, and can save about 1,000,000 kWh of electricity, equivalent to the total annual electricity consumption of 333 families of three. At the same time, the loss of finished products is reduced by 8%, which effectively improves the yield rate, greatly improves efficiency, saves energy and reduces emissions, and is environmentally friendly.

*Note: The upgraded ice muscle water packaging adopts one-time molding gradient technology, gradient color process 0 paint consumption, compared with traditional spraying to achieve gradient color process, save about 8 grams of paint per bottle, save about 0.1 degrees of electricity consumption per bottle, estimate the target annual sales volume of 10 million bottles, save about 80 tons of paint consumption, save about 1,000,000 kWh of electricity, and save about 333 households in annual electricity consumption based on a family of three about 250 degrees / month. At the same time, it means that the gradient decoration process reduces carbon emissions by more than 90% compared to the spraying process.

Advanced technology of intermediate layer coloring: effectively replace bottle wall spraying, avoid contact between pigment and content, safer and more environmentally friendly. At the same time, consumers can avoid the outer layer of spray paint and directly touch the smooth PET bottle, which feels softer and more delicate.

Infusion of Himalayan DNA: The gradient color of the one-step molding makes the bottle more transparent, showing a transparent and bright texture like a snowy glacier. The abstract form of the iceberg in the snowy area at the bottom of the bottle conveys the best gifts of nature from the Himalayas, bringing consumers infinite associations close to nature.