Booties can be said to be a great weapon for girls to fight the cold, and where there are boots, there is a unique fashion style. The cuff design of the booties is very warm, even if it covers the slender ankles, it will not appear that the legs are very thick, whether it is paired with pants or skirts, it can highlight the capable aura of an urban woman.

Every year, boots are innovating, and the shape of booties is constantly changing, whether handsome or slender and feminine, it can be called a versatile choice. Too many booties are easy to pick and choose, if you want to wear an exclusive cool charm, or follow the fashionistas to choose!


▲ Black booties are the most common and classic, and the design of medium block heels and small pointed toes is easily reminiscent of cool punk style, especially the fashionable modern feeling of lace-up and patent leather style boots. The delicate suede adds a bit of softness to the fashion, and it brings some girl’s pretty “careful machine”.


▲ The popularity of white booties in the fashion circle in the past two years can be described as “explosive”, especially the short thin heel version. Not only is the style simple and generous with pure white to highlight its avant-garde feeling, casual and fashionable feel, and going out on the street can also become very easy!


▲The eye-catching red boots always promote the restless fashionable heart, and can wear a confident demeanor of an urban woman in the cold winter. The big red with a bold personality and the elegant and noble burgundy retro aesthetic, it is difficult to match the length of the ankle without stealing the camera!


▲ Light brown booties with a leaf-like color can be very flat or stylish, and they have been companions who have accompanied us through the cold for many years. Walking with a solid block heel will not be very tiring, and it can give people a calm and atmospheric charm intuition. Pair it with straight-leg jeans, there’s no shortage of ladylike in the sophistication, and it won’t lose its chic vitality while continuing the classic.


▲ As a senior boot controller, how can the little fairies lack a short boots of a suit. Colourful prints and embellishments are an age-reducing must, and sun-warming flats can also be worn with a distinctive charm. The clever high heel design can make the leg line more attractive, and a pair of beautiful legs look very good.


▲ Metallic booties full of technology are a very popular series this year, and the fashionable situation can add a bit of trend to the whole. Metallic with a glitter effect can be worn casually with slacks or jeans, and the cool look is not short of passion, and it is easy to put you in the spotlight.

There is no need to talk about the practicality and popularity of booties, the warm and fashionable can make you unforgettable at a glance, and the vintage style and charming colors are not yet hurry up to follow the trend experts to pick a pair!

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