The fur inside the snow boots does not need to be washed frequently, but it is still necessary to pay attention to cleaning when putting it away in the changing season, and cannot be put away directly. Do you need to wash the hair inside the snow boots?

Many people only brush the surface when washing snow boots, and do not care about the hair inside, in fact, the hair inside is also very dirty after wearing it for a long time. The following editor will tell you about the hair inside the snow boots to be washed? How do you clean the hair inside snow boots?

Do you need to wash the hair inside your snow boots?

How to clean the hair inside snow boots

Nothing seems to be more effective than a professional cleaner for snow boots, and although the hair becomes a little collapsed after washing, the effect is indeed fast and obvious for cleanliness. Grease and moisture are the biggest nemesis of inner hair, followed by dust. There is a very cute way, that is, to wash with chinchilla bath powder, the effect is good, but it is best to turn it upside down afterwards and blow it with a hair dryer, shake the air for two or three days and then wear it. Because the particles of bath powder are very fine, it is difficult to shake clean. In fact, as long as you usually pay attention to the use of bags to cover up, personal hygiene maintenance, it is still difficult for the inner hair of snow boots to become dirty. Snow boots are a thin cotton insole, and the outermost hair should be blown frequently.

Precautions for storing snow boots

1. How to prevent the deformation of shoes

If the shoes are left unworn for a long time, they are prone to deformation. How can this be prevented? Then make more use of shoe support. When we buy many brands of shoes, although the merchants will not come with shoe supports, but the shoes are stuffed with paper balls you must be very impressed, and some stores will come with paper shoe supports, but don’t think these things are not beautiful and throw them away. In order to prevent the deformation of the shoe, these paper balls can replace the shoe support to fix the shoe shape. You can also adjust the shape of the paper ball yourself to help you stretch out your shoes a little longer.

2. Keep shoes dry

In order to preserve shoes for a long time, it is necessary to create a dry environment for the shoes. When buying shoes, there will be 1-2 inconspicuous small paper packages at the bottom of the box, they are desiccant, try not to lose Oh, they can keep the shoe box dry for a long time, prevent shoes from mold due to long-term storage. If you accidentally throw away the desiccant or can’t find it, you can go to the supermarket or grocery store to buy some activated carbon, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon is quite strong, if this is not available, then you can also find some tea. Find some tea leaves wrapped in gauze and put them inside shoes and shoe boxes, which can effectively prevent moisture and keep them dry. Another advantage of using tea is that it is natural and will not have peculiar smell.

3. Placement of shoes

In addition to the cleaning of the best shoes themselves, the position of the shoes is also very important. Spread the shoes messily on the ground, wear whichever pair you like, put it for a long time, some shoes that are not worn very much are covered with dust or even moldy deformation. Or put your shoes in some damp place, this can also happen. Find a shoe cabinet or shoe box, clean and dry shoes and store them in a ventilated and cool place. If placed in a place where the sun only shines, shoes like leather will peel off the glue, break the thread, and crack. In order to better preserve your shoes, pay attention to the placement.

Snow boots picking tips

1. Price

Snow boots are made of expensive raw materials and are made from whole lambskin or selected cowhide with Australian wool. The sole also has a special structure, using rubber tendon foam sole, lightweight, wear-resistant, fold-resistant, non-slip. In addition, the factory price of fur integrated sheepskin boots will not be less than 200 yuan, consumers should understand this, the price of selected cowhide boots is slightly cheaper than fur integration, but it will not be less than 200 yuan, because cowhide or sheepskin and rabbit hair or wool are very expensive materials. Some snow boots on the market range from $50 to $200, rather than snowboots from the American Dirks or Australian origin.

2. Color

The color of genuine snow boots is correct, the color on the official website of snow boots prevails, and the color of the inner fur and the color requirements of the outside are the same.

3. Shoe type

The surface of genuine snow boots is delicate and soft to the touch, and the shape of the shoe will be more delicate. The inner shearing should be neat, the density is uniform, the feel is very soft and comfortable, and it is very comfortable to wear barefoot. It is light to wear, no sense of weight, and quite warm. The inside and outside of the shoe are neat, smooth, and there is no shrinkage and deformation.

4. Sole

Foam bottom: The cost of foam bottom is relatively low, the durability is poor, it will soon be flattened, and the foam has the characteristics of absorbing water, stained with water and snow, it is easy to soak the sole, so that the feet are in a cold environment. Generally, snow boots for tens of dollars will use this material.

Beef tendon bottom: The durability of the beef tendon bottom is better than the foam bottom, but because of the snow and ice in winter, the slip resistance of the beef tendon bottom is not satisfactory, and it is easy to fall when worn.

Synthetic rubber bottom: Synthetic rubber bottom is the basic guarantee of the quality of snow boots, it is waterproof and non-slip, good wear resistance, in line with the needs of winter shoes, the general quality is more difficult than U > shrimp rose ┑匮ザ蓟岵 riddle 庎 plant trouble province / p>

Do you need to wash the hair inside the snow boots How to wash the hair inside the snow boots