In the past, in China, the most lacking thing was talent, but now there are many talents in society, but craftsmen have become a very scarce thing. As a post-90s generation, I saw a lot of craftsmen on the street when I was a child, but now it is rare to see those craftsmen in this society, and they are basically banned, but they can still be seen in some rural areas. Speaking of rural areas, then don’t underestimate the people in the countryside, their hands-on ability is really strong, and they can even make things that many college students can’t get, just like this rural big brother to talk about today!

This rural big brother is powerful, he is a carpenter and also likes classic cars very much, he can’t afford it, so he can only build one, and as a result, this big brother began an 8-year journey of car building. This classic car built by the eldest brother is based on the Mercedes-Benz 500K car as a reference, if you don’t know this car, you can search on the Internet, this car is a product of the thirties of the last century!

With reference materials and materials, the eldest brother also began to build a car, there were too many failures in 8 years, but the eldest brother has never given up, failed once and got up again, so that the attitude of not admitting defeat made the eldest brother finally build this car in the 8th year. Big brother is a carpenter, so 80% of this car is made of wood, at the beginning the wood used by the big brother did not meet the standard, the sky was dry, it cracked, and finally it directly spent more money to get wood such as rosewood.

At first, the whole village felt that Big Brother was joking, idle and had nothing to do, and many people ridiculed him, but in the end, no one said this after the car was built, but praised Big Brother’s exquisite craftsmanship. After the car was built, it quickly spread in the surrounding villages and towns, and later attracted TV stations to come to interview, and for a while this eldest brother became famous all of a sudden, and he knew that a carpenter in a certain village made a classic car out of wood! Until later, some netizens directly posted the work of the Chinese big brother on the Internet, and as a result, they received a lot of foreigners’ likes, and some people left messages saying that this uncle’s work made them frightened when they saw it, and they couldn’t believe that it was purely handmade

This 80 car is a classic car of wood, not an ornament that can only be seen and cannot be driven, but a real car, the kind that can be driven, and can reach a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. The car took 8 years to build, and many local tycoons wanted to buy the car, but they were rejected, and the big brother said that he worked hard to build this classic car, not to sell, but to fulfill his dream. I have to say that 8 years to build a car, and it is still wood, in other words, other people fail a few times and have no confidence to do it, and this big brother fails once and starts again, never admitting defeat, this spirit is really worthy of admiration!

The rural eldest brother spent 8 years building “classic cars”, and 80% of the body was made of wood, and foreigners were shocked when they saw it