The enlightenment of every sneaker player probably starts with Air Jordan!

Whether it is a veteran toe or a new player who has just entered the pit, they must have experienced the vigorous thirst for knowledge buried in the sea of shoes.

Whether it is the rise and fall of the market, or the story behind each shoe, it is all precious.


What are the colors from the first year of a genuine generation? How is the configuration of each pair of AJ air cushions? And then to the offer price and market conditions?

Prepare a set today

“AJ Sneaker Paper”

, test if you can know Air Jordan inside out and unlock AJ achievements!

If you want to test the strength of the little friends around you, you might as well let them try it too!

PS: The correct answer is hidden at the end of the text

Multiple choice questions

01. Which is the “black toe” in the eyes of sneaker players?

02. Find out the Air Jordan 11 that is not the color of the first year?

03.Which was Travis Scott’s first pair of shoes with Jordan Brand?

04. Which pair is the recently released “Zijia Brother” Air Jordan 1?

05. Which of the following pairs of Air Jordan sneakers has not been widely available on the market?

06. What pair of Air Jordan 5 is Kaede Rukawa wearing in “Slam Dunk”?

07. Among the four pairs of Air Jordan 34, which one is the recently released Allen Guo’s exclusive color?

08. Which of the following pairs of rare Air Jordan sneakers posted by Don C in honor of Kanye’s mother?

09. Among the following OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan joint sneakers, which have not yet been officially released?

10. Which pair is not a traditional scratch Air Jordan sneaker?

Multiple choice questions

01. Which celebrities have co-branded sneakers with Jordan Brand?

02. Which of the following is not Air Jordan 1?

03. Who is not part of the Supreme x Air Jordan joint sneakers?

04. Which pairs of Air Jordan sneakers have built-in Zoom Air cushions in the midsole?

05. What are the Air Jordan sneakers that belong to the “motorcycle team” color scheme?

06. What are the Air Jordan sneakers that have broken the 10,000 yuan mark?

07. Which color schemes have never been reproduced so far?

08. Which sneakers were part of the early Jordan Jumpman Team collection?

09.Air Jordan sneakers, what kind of shoe box packaging has been used?

10. Which of the following are the joint sneakers created by Edison Chen and CLOT and Jordan Brand?

Judgment questions

01. Only a high-top 9-hole can be considered an Air Jordan 1?

02.AJ1 and subsequent Jordan genuine soles are equipped with Nike air cushions?

03.The title of AJ11 “Big Devil” generally refers to the new Air Jordan 11 products released around Christmas every year?

Multiple choice questions correct answers:











Multiple choice correct answers:











True Answer to True Question:

1. Wrong

2. Right

3. Right

Air Jordan is fascinating,

The design and story behind it,

It is definitely the spiritual food of every sneaker player.

After reading the correct answer, I wonder what your record is?

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