As the climate cools, people become more and more inactive, which is also when fat rises wildly; Of course, if you want to maintain a perfect posture, in addition to daily strengthening healthy exercise, it is also important to choose a pair of pants that cover the flesh and show thinness; The small foot harlan pants have a wide and narrow cut, and the upper body will not feel restrained, so it is natural to look thin, and the slightly fat sister can also wear confidence! Pair it with little white shoes, booties or professional leather shoes that look great!

A simple loose print white T-shirt is comfortable and comfortable, and a pair of small white shoes is not too eye-catching. Match with an oversized denim jacket with a bright handsome look, or with high-heeled mules, it will not be contrary to wear it to work. Fashionable elves with good bodies can choose to match with crop tops, and casual and dynamic does not hinder sexiness. If you add black lace chock and leather jackets, it is another street fashion.

These sweatshirts not only have the lightness and comfort of a sporty style, but also have a high-end casual cool style of Harlan. The waist of the elastic waist tie is intimate and easy to put on and take off, and it is not afraid of dropping the chain at the critical moment. The side of the trouser leg is embroidered with graffiti, breaking the monotony of pure black, casual and eye-catching. Loose fit that hides imperfections on the legs. Handsome foot binding design, no need to deliberately pull up the pants to expose the ankles, cool very thin temperament.


The waist is made with a lace-up style, which will be more convenient. The design of the trouser panels has a strong sense of layering. The style of small feet with a sharp feel on the upper body.

The popular slightly wide Harlan pants, the new favorite of trendy items! Change the previous exaggerated dropped pants, the overall slight contraction, dynamic and light. The side extends from a straight line to the bottom, lengthening the leg vision, you who are accustomed to the public matching, in the face of the collision of small hip-hop and casual style, don’t you itch and don’t want to try it?

The infusion of check elements combines classic and retro flavors to enhance the visual impact. Casual style of harem pants that cover the flesh and show the slim flesh and define the leg line. The cropped pants are cut to reveal the slender ankles. It is made of smooth polyester blend, which is skin-friendly and breathable.

Made of wool fabric containing 48% wool, it is comfortable to wear and can cope with the cooler weather. The bloomers are designed with a wide top and a narrow bottom, and a cropped cut that exposes the ankles, visually stretching the leg line. The design of the solid color system is simple and easy to match. The design of the vertical slip pockets on both sides can facilitate concave styling at any time.

A Harlan cropped pants (thick version) that can be worn in autumn and winter, made of delicate and comfortable high-quality thick fabric, fashionable warmth, big brand pockets, the special design of cropped harem pants lengthens your leg shape, bringing a sense of fashion that cannot be copied, while covering the unsatisfactory hips and thighs.

Selected TENCEL cotton and linen fabric has a soft texture that makes it cool and breathable to wear in summer. The high-waisted fit is cut to stretch the proportions of the figure, creating a slender small waist, which instantly has the visual feeling of long legs. With a variety of color designs, there is always one that suits your dressing style.