The temperature has a slow transition process, and the dressing and matching should also move closer from light to heavy, and most women will borrow down jackets to keep warm. In the choice of down jacket, the design of the short style is higher, which not only creates an atmospheric effect, but also is very neat.

Down jackets do have a very high frequency of use in winter, which can make people feel a full sense of security, and there is no pressure to resist the cold wind. In the choice of down jacket, you can first adopt a short design that will not drag to reduce the problem of obesity caused by it.

The black down jacket is the most classic item, the silhouette is not too fat, it looks thin to wear, and it can be combined with trousers to create the effect of lengthening the legs.

The short design of the down jacket should occupy a certain proportion in the wardrobe, because it does have a high practical value and warmth effect.

In the use of color, in fact, there is not much attention, the skin is white, you can take beige white and other items to create a very fresh feeling. White down jacket, it can be combined with cargo pants to create a cool and sassy style.

The choice of color of the down jacket is still very important, sometimes it even affects the presentation of femininity, black and white may not make people look good, then you can take a cool blue.

The blue down jacket with a short design can be combined with a hooded sweatshirt, which presents a sense of vitality and relieves the cool temperament of the down jacket.

The choice of down jacket always varies from person to person, but no matter how tall or low you are, you can choose a short style to modify and stretch your body shape to create a more attractive outfit.

Check style down jacket, need to pay attention to the choice of color can not produce too messy effect, black and white check design, the most classic, but also the most popular, often can be accepted by people. When using it with pants, the color choice of pants can be slightly basic, and blue denim straight-leg pants are very good and can be used to cover thick legs.

The short design of the down jacket, itself in the release of style, is a little simpler and neat, if you want to reverse the presentation of this specific temperament, you can make some changes in terms of matching.

For example, this hooded down jacket, it is matched with a skirt, this style of very elegant skirt, can make the down jacket originally a little neutral temperament is broken, to create an obvious good temperament.

In addition to paying attention to the color chosen, the down jacket should also consider what kind of pants should be matched, and the colors are naturally to maintain the harmony between each other, but also pay attention to the use of the following widths.

The combination of jeans and a down jacket is the easiest solution to make dressing easy. Mainly blue jeans, the upper body wears a green short down jacket, the vitality of the whole outfit completely bursts out and reflects.

The pants used in winter should not be too short, and you can use some pants with a good drape to naturally cover the ankles to create a more comfortable outfit.

Dark gray sweatpants, in fact, is an underestimated pants, it will have a sporty atmosphere, breaking through the winter wear a bit dull, a little rigid style. Use it to match the most basic black short down jacket, can also appear very generous color matching, will not have requirements for personal matching ability or their own facial skin color, temperament.

A green scarf can be used to match a light khaki down jacket, which can create a vibrant atmosphere and can also brighten up the shape and create a layered effect.

Women who do not have an advantage in height can choose a down jacket with a short design to create a set of shapes that have an extensive effect on the figure, and this way of dressing is also very daily and warm, without appearing pompous and complicated. On top of the down jacket with a short design, you can add a little scarf to the decoration.