Now that the weather is getting warmer and warmer, the frequency of friends washing cars is also high, many people will choose to wash their own cars, it is good to wash their own cars, but you need to pay attention to some details, otherwise it is easy to hurt the car due to improper operation.

Some of the more common wrong ways of washing cars,

For example: windshields, front and rear wings, doors, engine compartment covers, etc., are wiped to the end with a rag

; There are also friends who wash the car too frequently, which is easy to make the car paint prematurely “aging”, generally wash the car once a week. In addition, you should also pay attention to the following points when washing your own car.

First of all, the engine compartment should not be washed indiscriminately.

Because the engine compartment is full of circuit boards and other components, the wiring of some old cars is very fragile, and it is easy to damage the high-pressure package and circuit board if you are not careful. Therefore, you must pay attention to this when washing your car, especially if you can’t spray directly with a high-pressure water gun.

Second, do not replace the car wash liquid with washing powder, it is important to choose a neutral car wash liquid.

Washing powder is alkaline, although it has strong detergency, but at the same time it is also very damaged, often wash the car with washing powder, the bright light on the surface of the car body will soon be eroded away; Moreover, it will accelerate the aging of body rubber parts, tires, windows, etc.

Isn’t it necessary for us to wash the car to make the car cleaner and brighter after washing. If you wash your own car, neutral car wash wax is a good choice. Not only can it remove dirt, shellac, etc. on the surface of the car paint, but also form a thin wax layer on the surface of the car paint, the car paint looks brighter and better protects the car paint.

Third, don’t wash a bucket of water to the end.

A bucket of water is washed from beginning to end, and the washed dirt is brought into the bucket by the towel, and after the towel is soaked in muddy water, it is carried out with mud and sand on the body to do friction movement, which is easy to be rubbed out of the sun pattern, and even large scratches. The choice of including car wash towels is the same, thin high-density towels are not elastic enough and are more likely to contain sediment.

It is better to choose a thickened coral fleece towel. In addition, car wash towels are best to be used separately, specifically to wipe the glass, specifically to wipe the upper part of the body, less sand, specifically wipe the car paint underneath, more sand, and specifically wipe the car interior, use separately, more safe.

Fourth, the place where the paint is exposed should be washed to do a good job of anti-rust treatment, and you can apply some toothpaste to isolate the air in a short time to prevent the rust point from further expanding, or even rust through.

Fifth, how to deal with stains that cannot be washed off?

For example, when parking, materials such as gum, asphalt, offset printing and paint are stuck on the car, which is not easy to clean, and it is best not to scrape hard with cards.

Because there are many professional cleaning agents and wiping tools, very easy to use, such as, professional glue remover, asphalt cleaner, WD-40, etc., a spray and wipe, the removal is done, usually to engage in half an hour of degumming work, can be completed in half a minute.

Sixth, clean the impurities around the skylight.

Window gaps are often easy to enter the dust, when we press the glass lift, we often hear a “squeaking” sound, is because there is too much dust, sand, regularly clean the window gaps and slides accumulated dust, debris, it is best to also apply some grease on the slide, or spray some sheet wax, very useful, you can try.

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