When I was a student, I used to buy a bunch of cheap boots, especially in late September and early October, so I prepared early for the holidays.

But now that I have entered society, this slightly naïve way of choosing has been eliminated by me! In order to better show my mature atmosphere, I only have these three models when I go out.

One, V-mouth boots

First of all, let’s recommend these V-mouth boots with the longest legs! When I first put on these boots, I was stunned, and the contrast between my left leg and my right leg did not make me doubt my eyes.

The extension effect visible to the naked eye really saves you and my little short legs, but don’t blindly follow the trend, because before buying it, I did a lot of work to not spend money in vain, I hope the following points can also help you.

First of all, the small V-mouth boots differ from other boots not in the fabric or style, but in the length of the boots. The most taboo thing about this kind of boots whose main purpose is to extend the length of the leg is that the boot barrel exceeds the knee.

In order to ensure a small area of exposed legs and effective stretching of leg length, everyone must compare the height of the boot with their legs when choosing, and the least likely thing to make a mistake is the style that just shows the knees.

Secondly, is the looseness of the boots, because it is the design of the V-shaped cuff, so in order to have a beautiful overall effect, the boots must not be tightly attached to the calves.

The effect of too tight will make your outfit particularly meaningless, and it will also make the overall look small, and the boots and calf belly can ensure that the gap of about 3CM is the most user-friendly design.

Finally, it is necessary to remind everyone that girls with big feet try not to choose V-shaped boots, one is because the height of the boots is limited, from the side, the size of the foot will be the same as the height of the boots, and the presentation effect of the right angle particularly affects the beauty.

Second, because the presentation of the boot is a wide top and tight bottom mode, the design that fits the ankle will make the foot more prominent, which is particularly detrimental to increasing self-confidence.

Third, because V-mouth boots are suitable for layering long leggings, the feet will appear more isolated in the contrast of the bottoms, of course, but not all girls with big feet are not suitable for wearing high boots.

If your feet are slender, you can also challenge it, but it is best to choose a style with a little heel, which can be very effective in diverting people’s inquiry into the length of your feet.

Second, high-heeled tight-heeled boots

If you have to ask me to choose the most goddess-like of these three boots, I will also choose tight-cut high boots, the reason is actually very simple, because the high-heeled style has been the representative of the goddess since ancient times, and the effect of applying it to tight-cut boots is also more than enough.

Importantly, this style of boots is also very small, and it is not difficult to match them with skirts and leggings.

The second reason is because it’s versatile enough to pair it with any set that will make you come back for more. I like to use it with a small fragrance suit, the gentle and elegant state is really not too fanciful!

If you feel that the little fragrance is too mature, you can also use a tight dress to match it, if you want a more distinctive style, you can also choose the missing wearing method of the bottom, simple and error-free.

Third, strap high boots

The biggest advantage of lace-up boots is to adapt to a variety of leg shapes, very humane, independently adjust the width of the shoe barrel, you can adjust to the most suitable state at the beginning of your leg shape change, and there is no need to worry about strangling meat or dropping shoes.

It is recommended to choose young ladies who stand for a long time and have a particularly elastic body, and the upper body effect is good-looking!

Another reason why you recommend choosing it is because it is designed enough, because the design of the lace-up style makes the originally bare boots instantly become very textured and look particularly layered.

The little sister who is afraid that she will not be dressed and has no characteristics hurry up and try it. Another point is that it is a good hand for cooling, and young ladies who like neutral royal sister style should not miss this “treasure”.

I am a partner, if you are confused, you can message me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Learn to dress with the match, and we will become better and more beautiful people together!

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