Every autumn and winter, the basic pants that can be chosen for women are leggings and outdated wide-leg pants, but wearing too much will always appear monotonous, and this winter, there is a pants that has become a popular model for middle-aged women, which is called “granny pants”.

The appearance of “granny pants” is a pure color color, the shape of the pants belongs to the wide leg and straight design, the modification of the body is also relatively large, the matching of this pants is suitable for a more gentle and fashionable style, so for the age of women, may be 30+ and 40+ women can wear more effective.

Today I will sort out a lot of “granny pants” matching demonstration and how to choose, with sweaters or jackets are very versatile and fashionable, hurry up to see, start with simple and fashionable “granny pants”, comfortable and versatile.

First, the opening method of “granny pants”

Point 1: Matching colors

→ classic white

The most in granny pants

Classic and common

The color really is

White class

Of all, in terms of color system, white tones will be more classic and simple, with

The combination of various hues is also very harmonious and versatile

Yes, there are many choices in terms of color matching.

But there is a problem that cannot be ignored in white granny pants, that is, this color

Full of expansion

, visually for the modification of the leg shape

There will be no thinning effect,


Women with slightly thick legs should not wear too thick when matched

The inner lining!

→ vintage earth tones

Earth-colored granny pants, color matching is relatively stable

, this color matching is recommended to be more inclined

The earth color of the same tone, but the brightness and saturation can do some unevenness

, with it will be more retro fashionable temperament.

Earth tones for

The modification of the leg shape is relatively stable

, not as obvious as the white swelling, so women with ugly legs and slightly thick legs do not have to worry too much at this point,

The fit of the trousers is also recommended to choose a more straight and loose leg,

It’s very visually friendly.

Trim leg lines for greater harmony and straightening.

→ stable gray color

Granny pants are also widely used in the workplace, the most obvious is the choice of color system, gray in daily travel and concave shape photography, it is inevitable that there will be some very old-fashioned and monotonous feeling, so it is recommended that everyone

Don’t choose gray in your day-to-day

This shade is more suitable for the occasion

Wear it in the workplace and on your commute

Boost your aura

It is also very stable in the workplace, and

Colors with high gray levels also appear whiter and more stable against the skin

, women with black and yellow skin can safely match.

Key point two: The choice of layout determines the presentation of the figure

× refuses tight fits:

“Granny pants” itself is a relatively loose pants version, visually is a wide sense of flesh coverage, so the matching top in winter is not suitable for choosing a tight model, visually disharmonious, and it is easy to show the lack of body and small fat lining, the visual sense of light and heavy can not reflect a very advanced temperament, especially middle-aged women are best not to match so well.

√ slim/loose is adaptable:

The loose straight “granny pants” are actually more for matching tops

What fits is slim and loose

For a more comfortable and harmonious fit for the figure, the top can be chosen as a sweater or a straightened blazer.

The length is determined by your height

, five or five body choose short style, normal body choose to wrap the hip area, more casual.

All belong to

Not tight and grooming for the figure

Very obvious pieces, matched with the shape of granny pants, the overall loose and straight, the figure is better looking.

Key point three: material selection is the key, highlighting temperament

◎Knitted version is recommended


Knitted fabrics and woolen fabrics will be more suitable for winter

of collocations, all belong

Keep warm and comfortable

sense of touch,

The drape of the knitted material will be heavier

Some, so right

The grooming of height and figure can be made slightly higher and comfortable

, knitted thread end is recommended for everyone to choose

A thinner material for the thread rope

, such a knitted design is the most

It looks good and drapes heavier


Knitted materials are actually prone to static electricity in winter, so it is recommended that you can start with several easy-to-use electrostatic removal instruments and don’t make it so frizzy.

◎Recommended woolen model

The woolen granny pants fabric is very comfortable to wear

, but the drape of the material is not as good as knitting, but

On hardness

It’s actually more than knitted material

Three-dimensional effect

, then it is the difference in the trimming force of the leg line,

The hardness of the tweed will be more beneficial to the leg line

More straightened presentation, don’t miss it!

Pair with woolen granny pants, too

Tweed of the same material can best wear a gentle atmosphere

, very suitable for middle-aged women’s temperament matching, don’t miss it!

Second, the high-quality matching of “granny pants”

(1) Sweater items are soft and sticky to reduce age

Sweater this item is very soft and sticky, so the key to the modification of the figure is the shape design of the sweater, it is recommended to give priority to the design of loose drape, with the same soft granny pants, the whole set is a very gentle and intellectual feeling, sweaters and pants are worn with light warm tones, it is more inclined to retro simple style, this tone is even whiter to the skin, in the matching of some small items, travel and dating This set is excellent.

(2) Down jacket items are comfortable for everyday life

The matching of down jacket and granny pants is relatively loose, and even “slightly bloated” visual sense, so when choosing a down jacket format design, do not wear too wide and thick down matching, otherwise the whole body is oval slightly fat state, priority is given to matching thin down or short down jacket, and the lower body of granny pants will be more suitable and with good-looking, stable, short design stretched bottom proportion.

(3) Coats with high-end fashion

Coat this item has a more feminine aura, so the combination with granny pants is workplace + high-grade texture, straight slightly loose coat will waist and hips to achieve a perfect blocking effect, do not worry about the “granny pants” pants mouth part to choose what shape design, can be covered, and need to pay attention to the shape of the trouser legs, it is best to choose a straight and straightened match, will be with the “straight” of the coat to make a perfect visual smoothness, the body line is not very good-looking women, it is recommended to match this set of combinations.

“Granny pants” is still very stable and easy to match, the characteristics of the shape also have a certain degree of modification for different figures, the presentation of the style is also very easy, so what are you waiting for, hurry up and get a few favorite “granny pants” to wear it, welcome everyone to leave a message below to like Oh, we will meet in the next issue of more wonderful sharing!