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The short denim jacket, although the practicality of protecting against spring cold is not high, but the advantage of white to show off the figure still makes him the first choice for fashionistas. Wang Junkai’s latest airport meal photo shows the spring cropped denim jacket, which is layered over a white sweatshirt and black high-street creative pocket trousers, and the overall combination is refreshing and clean, showing the freshness of youth, making it a perfect single template for concave looks.

Wang Junkai’s white denim jacket, short small lapel design not only enhances the sense of playfulness, but also visually shortens the upper body proportions, the tight jacket shape slimming effect is obvious, looking tall and thin. The white denim jacket and the white hooded sweatshirt can be perfectly combined systematically, due to the different materials and lengths, creating a fashionable layering of wearing, bringing out Wang Junkai’s fair and handsome face. You don’t have to worry about making mistakes with this combination, and the effect of the short waist emphasizes the waist line, making it easy to wear a sense of trend.

Cropped denim jackets and sweatshirts can be worn to reduce the age of teenagers and have enough warmth. High Street creative pocket trousers line the sweatshirt to outline the legs, leaving the legs straight and long. At the same time, after the white sweatshirt is connected with black high street trousers, the strong black and white color contrast can bring people a bright visual impact, so that the overall matching becomes more fashionable and eye-catching. Coupled with the matching of small white shoes, the three-stage simple and fashionable wearing layering will show the whole person more handsome.

Wang Junkai’s outfit is made of a white sweatshirt, a short white denim jacket and high street pocket trousers, classic black and white with simple and crisp, the age-reducing effect is obvious, showing the fresh temperament of youth.

Here is the beauty life for young people to provide fashion wear information, today Wang Junkai’s private outfit is shared here for everyone, thank you for reading. Welcome everyone to pay attention and leave a message to exchange fashion collocations together.