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On May 16, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian held a regular press conference. A reporter asked, according to media reports, a serious shooting occurred in Buffalo, New York, on the 14th, and an 18-year-old white gunman opened fire on civilians, killing at least 10 people and injuring 3 others. Local officials said 11 of the victims were black, a classic “racially motivated act of violent extremism.” In addition, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, had 10 shootings in less than 12 hours on the 13th. Some commentators believe that gun violence in the United States has a growing trend. What is China’s comment on this?

Zhao Lijian said: I have noticed the relevant reports and am shocked by this. At this time, a common question lingering in people’s minds is, why is gun violence so serious in the United States, which claims to be free, democratic and ruled by law? Why do Americans live in constant fear of being killed or injured by guns?

According to US media reports, as of May 12, gun violence in the United States this year has killed 15,569 people. As you may recall, the number of deaths due to gun violence in the United States last year was 20,726. Just five months into this year, gun violence deaths have exceeded three-quarters of last year’s deaths, and gun violence is on the rise in the United States.

People can’t help but ask, what is the reason why Americans are increasingly buying guns, carrying guns, and pulling guns? Data show that in recent years, racial discrimination and racial hatred incidents in the United States have soared, and in 2020, the number of guns purchased by black Americans increased by 58.2%, and the number of guns purchased by Asian Americans increased by 43%. Why is the number of guns purchased by black Americans soaring? In 2021, more than 500 people died or were injured in shootings caused by “road rage” in the United States, a record high, which means that every 17 hours, 1 American is injured or killed by “road rage”. Pull the trigger without saying a word, where does the anger and resentment of the American people come from? With 4.2 percent of the world’s population, the United States owns 46 percent of the world’s civilian guns, totaling 393 million. Does the high incidence of gun violence have something to do with the fact that guns are too easy for Americans to obtain? Some U.S. groups have repeatedly criticized the U.S. gun control bill for not being effective.

Zhao Lijian pointed out that the deaths and injuries caused by gun violence have seized the already tight anti-epidemic medical resources in the United States. Gun violence, like the new crown epidemic, has become a specter of death hovering over the heads of the American people, threatening the lives and safety of the American people at all times. The U.S. government should take practical and effective measures to address the problem of gun violence in a responsible manner towards the people. The United States has such a poor human rights record, and the United States should first mind its own affairs and not always try to point fingers at the human rights of other countries.

(CCTV reporter Zhu Ruomeng Kong Luyuan)

(Source: CCTV News Client)