Women’s vision is different at each stage, and the fashion items they like are also slightly different. Well, in winter

The pleated skirt adopts a “pleated” design, which can reflect the elegance of women between walks, and to a certain extent, it also modifies the shortcomings of the hip area. However, this year’s popular “tweed skirt”

Not only does it have temperature, but it can easily combine femininity, atmosphere and sophistication

One side is displayed, which is very suitable for the current season.

The woolen skirt is made of tweed fabric, which can make us feel warm and soft breath, no matter what kind of clothing can create a fashionable look,

Give full play to the practicality of “one dress, more wear”

This article is mainly about tweed skirts, let’s see how to choose and match woolen skirts.

Middle-aged women with good eyes have long stopped wearing pleated skirts!

This year’s new favorite is the tweed skirt, which is really high-end

How to choose a tweed skirt

(1): Choose the shape according to the individual figure

There are many shapes of tweed skirts, and they are suitable for different people. We need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of our own body in order to better choose the right woolen skirt for ourselves.

Common body types can be divided into apple-shaped bodies with a lot of fat on the upper body and a slim lower body; A pear-shaped body with a slim upper body and a heavy lower body. Understand your body type, again

Choose the right tweed skirt fit according to your figure.

For an apple-shaped figure with a slim lower body,

Suitable for a wide range of tweed skirt fits

, do not worry too much about revealing the shortcomings of the legs. Therefore, we can opt for a tweed skirt with a straight fit.

Straight-fit tweed skirt

Versatile for commuting, warm and stylish for the upper body

, perfect for winter wear. It is comfortable to wear even against the skin,

It is also not prone to static electricity

。 For small people, such a length does not have to worry about causing lower height and leg length. The most important thing is that the skirt of the straight-leg tweed skirt is straight but does not cover the hips.

Comfortable and uninhibited, slim and flattering

For a pear-shaped body with a lot of fat on the lower body, there are limitations in choosing the fit of the tweed skirt. It is recommended to abandon the slim, skin-friendly fit and focus on loose fit. Among them, the A-line shape tweed skirt is very popular with women with pear-shaped bodies.


High-rise, pleated large skirt design

, all highlight the elegance and retro atmosphere of women, and the sense of literature and art after the upper body is full. Whether it is paired with a variety of fashionable tops, it can show a sense of fashion,

It is a tweed skirt with a high winter matching rate

。 Especially for the pear-shaped body, it has the effect of covering the flesh and showing thinness.

(2): Embellish elements to enrich the sense of design

Common tweed skirts can be simply divided into solid and decors. The solid color model is simple and atmospheric, revealing a sense of premium. However, it is also difficult to guarantee that it will not be boring and boring. Therefore, we can embellish the elements and enrich the design sense of the tweed skirt, so as to visually make the skirt vivid, no longer rigid and monotonous.

There are many tweed skirts with element embellishments, so in order to avoid difficult to control and difficult to match, you can choose a plaid woolen skirt. The tweed skirt with vintage plaid embellishments is simple, atmospheric and exudes a sense of premium, and it is also simpler and easier to control when matching. Especially for middle-aged women, plaid woolen skirts will be more delicate and temperamental.

How to match a tweed skirt

(1): Solid color top + pleated tweed skirt (narrow at the top and wide at the bottom)

Choose a solid color top with a solid color pleated tweed skirt, simple and clean, can show the fresh and high-class beauty of women.

Moreover, the combination of “narrow top and wide bottom” invisibly modifies problems such as large hips, wide hips and thick legs, so that middle-aged women with pear-shaped bodies can easily control it.

(2): Solid color undershirt + plaid tweed skirt (combination of traditional and simple)

Adopt a “combination of traditional and simple” matching method, choose a solid color undershirt with a retro plaid tweed skirt, so that the overall look is more fashionable and advanced.

If you are worried that the combination of solid color and pure color will appear monotonous, then middle-aged women may wish to adopt a complex and simple matching method, simple and easy to control, and can also reflect the unique sense of advanced and exquisite of mature women.

(3): Solid color knitwear + A-line woolen skirt (raise the waist line and extend the figure)

Choose a solid knit, tuck the hem into the waistband, and pair it with an A-line tweed skirt to easily raise the waist line and achieve the effect of extending the figure and showing off the leg length.

Such a common and easy-to-control matching method is also deeply liked by middle-aged women. Moreover, the waist of this A-line tweed skirt is also embellished, which invisibly creates a superior ratio of “three and seven points”, showing height, leg length and thin~

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Text: Xiao Rui

Women who can dress up have long abandoned pleated skirts, and this year’s popular “woolen skirt” is elegant and high-class