The simplest way to show height and thinness, relying on these 3 types of pants is enough

As a type man, in addition to being handsome and stylish, his body shape and proportions should also be well displayed.

According to this, how to live without good looks and good proportions. The appearance editor can’t save it, but the proportion editor can still pull you along. Looking at the past, the dressing demonstrations in the fashion media all have a tall and solid figure, and they have a style and figure no matter how they wear it. That is like amateurs like us, how to wear to have a good proportion, I think, to start from the pants, only by choosing the right pants can there be the possibility of appearing tall and thin.

1. Shorts

Proportions are a magical thing, it can combine 55 bodies, short legs, thick legs, and use techniques together to visually increase favorability.

Boys with fleshy legs in the summer will actually want to show off their long legs, because they are thick and short and really want face, so they don’t want to try shorts. It’s not right to think like this, it’s just that the style is not chosen correctly. For example, if you want to wear shorts, the length is best controlled on or below the knees, the fatal point is not known to many people, stuck in the middle of the knees, often short.

▲In addition, with stockings has the visual effect of lengthening the calf line, not to talk about the tide, the fashion has already taken half steadily.

▲ Do not choose shorts stuck in the middle of the knee, the lower body will be cut in half, and the shortcomings of the body shape will be exposed.

▲ The material of shorts should be paid attention to, the texture of soft pedals should not be worn when going out, and it must be based on a hard texture, so that the legs are not affected by the vision, and appear short.

2. Cropped pants

Cropped pants have always been a sharp weapon to show height, plus it is tapered design, suitable for men with large butts and short legs, don’t underestimate it is so short, its effect is far greater than you imagine.

▲ Cropped pants can be matched with high boots and bottom shoes, and for high boots, the design of the cropped will give the whole an upward feeling, which is the visual impact of the high point brought by the croat.

To put it bluntly, the length of the pants can determine the height ratio, and on weekdays you will also see a lot of folded fabrics that do not pay attention to this aspect, which will visually have a shrinkage effect; There are also men’s understanding of the choice of fabrics is relatively limited, and soft and collapsed fabrics should be carefully selected for undesirable body shapes. You should choose some materials with a clean fit and a stiff texture that can better cover the undesirable side.

▲ Like the demonstration on the right, the trouser legs are piled up, which is not conducive to the development of the image, and it is also a dragging impression for the short man.

Don’t care, cropped pants do you like it or not, let’s talk about it after you buy it. Because of the direction of the trend, you can’t go wrong with buying. Then is to find the fit that suits you, there are many kinds of fits, the general annoyed body shape is the most difficult, tapered cropped pants are the most suitable, can accommodate big butt, elephant legs at the same time, but also the leg shape is long and straight, the overall proportion has also been increased a lot.

▲ The pants are short, whether it is casual wear or formal wear, it gives the spiritual side, so there is such a pile of trouser legs, hurry up and cut it.

▲ The effect of one-knife cutting is also good, at least in the style of workwear can express the personality side.

At the same time, choose hard material pants, there is also a thin effect, if the lower plate is really fat, then it is recommended that dark colors work.

3 Long pants

There is not only one side of fashion, in addition to cropped pants, there are also trousers to try. However, there are more points to pay attention to in trousers, the first is tailoring, tailoring is the temperament of pants, and it is not fashionable to look at this; The material of the second pants, it can match the tailoring to create different styles, and the quality of the same texture also affects the overall effect; Third, the plasticity of pants is not high, such as now popular to create a sense of layering, whether it can produce the illusion of thinning through superimposed dispersion vision. The fourth is to be able to control the sneakers, which is what meets the requirements.

▲ This length is perfect, short is no longer the focus of discussion, more attention to your clothing, why can you appear tall.

▲ Not tall, the more clean the pants must be. A pile of trouser legs on the ankle has only the negative effect of being sloppy, short, and even more.

▲ Especially the lower plate, horizontal development, the lower body is fat or thin depends on the pants.

That’s it for the above 3 types of pants, I hope you will get the hang of it after reading it. Really broke the editor’s heart~

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