Seeing that 2016 is coming to an end, the various lists that foodies are most looking forward to are about to be released~ such as foodies must lick, the list of the most popular imported snacks in 2016~ Such an important list, how can you stand idly by?!

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1. Taiwan imported Zhang Junya’s little sister Mexican spicy chicken dim sum noodles

2. Crown Danish cookies

3. South Korea imported SAJO brand small lux corn flavored fish sausage

4. Imported shrimp slices imported from Indonesia

5. The Philippines imported 7D dried mango

6. Three brothers of Calbee/Calbee fries imported from Japan

7. South Korea imported Gilim Tom Farm honey butter almonds

8. Roasted nori rolls imported from Thailand

9. Thailand imported small boss crispy seaweed fried seaweed chips

10. White Loveri White Chocolate Filled Biscuits imported from Japan

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11. South Korea imported Holliyou MARKET O chocolate brownie cake

12. South Korea imported Calorie Balance Haitai cheese crackers

13. Japan imported kitkat KitKat almond chocolate wafer biscuits

14. Thailand imported Greco pretz biscuits

15. Bourborn/Borumont natural yeast salty soy milk wafer biscuits imported from Japan

16. Japan imported Dasses Sanli brand matcha filled biscuits

17. Japan imported bourben/bourbon wheat germ cream almond tart cookies

18. Korea imported Jiuji spicy cake strips

19. Vietnam imported Tipo bread, eggs, milk biscuits

20. Indonesian imported cheese nabati nabati cheese wafer biscuits

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21. Taiwan imported snacks 77 brand Songta mille-feuille shortbread

22. Russia imported KDV chocolate flavored filled candy

23. Taiwan imported Kita brown rice rolls

24. Russia imports wafer biscuits, small farmstead milk tank milk wafer biscuits

25. Poland imported Ave chocolate hazelnut five-layer wafer biscuits

26. Banami cranberry cookie biscuits

27, Taiwanese Zhang Junya chocolate donuts

28, Taiwanese Zhang Junya’s little sister Japanese skewer meatballs

29. South Korea imported Xijie new crispy traditional seaweed

30. Kracie rose deodorant fruit soft candy imported from Japan

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31. Fried squid fillet with marus mayonnaise flavor/cheese flavor imported from Japan

32. South Korea imported Haitai honey butter potato chips

33. Slavic chocolate imported from Russia


35. EGO oatmeal chocolate biscuits imported from Malaysia

36. The UK imported McVita assorted biscuits gift box chocolate chip cookies

37. Russia imports POHHN calf big cow chocolate wafer biscuits

38. Malaysia imported Miaomiao squid fresh crispy potato chips

39. South Korea imported sea brand sea seaweed

40. South Korea imported Jiuji spicy beaten cakes

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41. The UK imports Hades potato chips, cheese, onions, potato chips

42. South Korea imports Haitai ace soda biscuits

43. South Korea imported crown sugar-free salty combed soda crackers

44. Japan imported Morinaga DARS dark chocolate

45. Taiwan imported Laisy peanut milk flavored doughnuts

46. Indonesia imported Aisele wafer pastry

47. Belgium imports LOTUS and caramel biscuits

48. Korea imported Kryan cream hazelnut wafer biscuits

49. Imported Kalemi original shrimp strips imported from Thailand

50. Japan imported Sanritsu egg roll


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