Every winter, coats are a must-have in the wardrobe of trendy people, no matter your age or figure, you can buy yourself a few suitable coats. If you want to be more beautiful this winter, don’t miss these three coats below, fashionable and gentle, and fried.

1. Tunic coat

The biggest advantage of this coat is that it combines the design of the waist to help you look thin, very suitable for slightly fat girls, and when you match the coat, the belt will look more delicate, easily reflect your femininity.

The following camel coat is more mature, looks calm and generous, plus the white turtleneck matches, the sense of layering is very strong, and can make the overall match more foreign, the light-colored inner layer can reduce the overall sense of heaviness, very suitable for winter.

This kind of tunic coat is gentle and low-key with it, and the light-colored coat will also look younger and more beautiful, after all, the light color itself is brighter than the dark color, and the belt can also dissolve the dullness and look low-key and generous.

The dark gray coat is very fashionable, this dark gray looks relatively atmospheric, combined with the belt to modify the proportions, it looks beautiful, and the elegant temperament comes to the face. Coupled with the green beret decoration, it can reflect the charm of gentle intellectuality and make people move. The belt style matched by the blogger is relatively simple, and the bow is tied on the side, which easily reflects the girly feeling and looks very attractive.

Different age groups, the style of the coat to be worn is also different, and the style details of the options are also different, if you are a woman who runs three and four, you may wish to learn from the following fashion blogger’s dressing methods and skills.

The design sense of “dark brown” is very atmospheric, the design of this dress is very heavy, giving people a very noble sense of sight, and this color does not pick skin color, so ordinary girls are also worth learning.

Autumn and winter simple wool double-sided coat, the upper body is very warm and elegant, with a high-necked knitted sweater, the lower body is a plaid design pleated skirt, and a pair of loafers on the feet, full of femininity.

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Temperament loose suit collar jacket, too suitable for office girls to wear, giving people a sense of both sight is very capable and atmospheric, usually shopping is also suitable for wearing.

Such a coat can also be worn by small children, without pressing the proportion of the body, nor picking the age group, wearing it looks tall and thin and reducing age, it is just to add such a coat to the wardrobe, now it is the end of the year, it is about to celebrate the New Year, just buy such a coat to wear at home for the New Year, it is also a good choice.

The wearing style of the whole set of clothes is a solid color series, no matter how you match the clothes of the solid color series, you will not go wrong and wear a sense of luxury in minutes.

2. Horn button coat

Combining some different elements on the coat will make your look more fashionable, such as this horn button is also worthy of recognition. The horn button coat is full of retro temperament, very suitable for daily wear, and has a certain age-reducing effect, it is recommended that young ladies can try more.

The burgundy coat is also very calm, suitable for young ladies of all ages, mature women will look beautiful when they wear it, young girls will look very gentle when they wear it, I believe it will greatly enhance your personal charm. Combined with the black horn buckle, your temperament is greatly enhanced by the basic black and red color contrast.

This blogger with a skirt on the lower body, full of femininity, girls have always loved skirts, if you want to be more beautiful, you can also use this fashionable piece to reflect your charm, and the skirt of the skirt can be looser, more able to hide your calf muscles, make you much slimmer.

The horn button coat below has a strong design, combined with the hooded design, it looks really beautiful. Hooded coats are more suitable for everyday wear, can reflect a casual temperament, and appear less boring. And you can wear a hat in winter, the warmth effect will be better.

White coats are very popular this year, and white is also a popular color, it will never go out of style, in the winter everyone wears dark clothing, if you buy yourself this white coat, it will look more attractive and more prominent. It can even retouch your fair complexion and glamour.

3. Double-breasted coat

Finally, there are double-breasted coats, there must be many sisters who like this double-breasted clothing very much, but most people prefer to combine in suits, if you want to be able to match more beautiful, you can try this double-breasted coat, which is also full of design.

The coat below is combined with white buttons, and the double-breasted design is simple and intellectual, which can embellish the whole match, but it will not look very fancy, it can be said to be just right, and it can also be combined with a dress to match it with gentle intellectuality.

If you want to keep warm, it is also important to match leggings, leggings have practicality and beauty, this slim leggings and dresses are the same color, look very harmonious, dark leggings are also thinner, slightly fat eyebrows do not miss.

This blogger through a light coat with a dark dress, the sense of layering is very strong, this matching will also appear that the whole person is very temperamental, after all, the combination of light and dark is a matching technique that will never go out of style, and the little whites can also learn more. If you want to make the matching more layered, you must try this layering of dark underwear and light-colored coats, which will definitely not step on the thunder.

Different outfits have different temperament, I believe that after reading it, you have found a style that suits you.

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