It is said that girls enter the early aging stage after the age of 25,

Compared to 80% of the moisture content of the skin in infancy, it is now only 50%, and if you are not careful, the skin will dry and rough.

Girls who know skin care know that the simple and effective way to make the skin better is, of course, to apply a mask.

If you have studied the maintenance secrets of female celebrities, you will find that even celebrities who use sky-high skin care products still can’t do without applying masks.

So today, I will recommend JM’s mask to everyone, as always, it is easy to use, the ingredients are not vague at all, and it is also for different problems of the skin, to a set, winter skin is not troubled!

This ingredient is expensive

Improvement of rough “soft gold”

This honey mask of the popular circle of friends, you must be familiar with it.

JMsolution Aqua Honey Mask

Mask paper

Open the mask,

A fresh and elegant honey smell, silky paper. Speaking of silk masks, Xiaobian used to be disgusted;

Because before using JM mask, the experience of using some affordable silk masks is really poor,

Some silk masks once pursued thinness, but they were really poor in fit, and the mask paper was deformed, and they couldn’t take care of the whole face at all, giving me a cheap feeling.

When I opened the JM mask, I was worried, because I was afraid that this mask paper would not work, but after opening it, my worries were soothed by its texture, although it is affordable, but the mask paper is not cheap at all. Compared with the mask of hundreds of yuan, the whole cut is very good, and there is a feeling of peace of mind in the hand.

The fit is very good, the mask paper is excellent, there are no grooves!

This water light honey mask as the sales champion of JM family, Xiaobian really thinks it is easier to use than many big-name masks, the main ingredient is pearl propolis from Amazon, known as “soft skin gold”, can be said to be a high-quality substance that supplements nutrients to the skin.

Its annual production is only one-third of that of ordinary propolis, contains 5.3% flavonoids, and its nutritional value is as much as 4 times that of honey, and the effect is more obvious in moisturizing the skin and improving roughness and dullness.

A full 30ml of essence, like a faucet, can be applied for a long time without drying, after the application of the skin is very shiny, and there is no greasy feeling, oil skin is not pressured to use.

When you apply it, you can feel that the face is very soft and watery, and it is very comfortable! You can also feel your skin absorbing moisture!

After 15-20 minutes, you can tear off the mask paper, then gently massage the face to promote the absorption of the serum, the whole skin will appear moist and moist, soft and tender to the touch.

To wash again with clean water, there will be a greasy feeling after applying, and the editor will wash it again after applying.

Triple hyaluronic acid

Hydration, water retention, and water locking synergy

Apply a piece of muscle

Skin moisture soared 12%.

In addition to super hydration, hyaluronic acid also has a miraculous absorption effect, which can double the absorption of propolis essence, and the effect of applying for 10 minutes is equivalent to doing a 30-minute mask SPA.

Chen Zihan mentioned in the video that one of her preparations before shooting magazines was to apply masks, so she would buy a variety of hydrating masks in large quantities, including JMsolution, and she recommended three in one go, namely JMsolution “first aid” mask, rose mask and propolis mask.

If you want to increase elasticity and feel more girly, I really recommend you buy it!


JMsolution caviar mask

A luxurious meal that the skin loves to eat

Makes the skin more elastic when it is first aging

Did you know? A small can of caviar sells for $150 (about 980 yuan).

Good caviar is comparable to gold. A small box of white sturgeon caviar costs $2,100 (about 14,000 yuan), which is equivalent to 60 cents (about 4 yuan) for a fish roe

JM’s caviar mask contains caviar extract, 24K gold and 3 layers of hyaluronic acid, and the luxury is simply MAX!

When you open it, you can see the gold leaf-like caviar essence inside, the essence can be brushed, but it is not sticky.

The membrane cloth is also very soft and fitted, and it will have a golden grainy feeling when touched carefully, and it can be massaged and absorbed.

This mask can be said to be a luxurious meal that the skin loves,

Mainly moisturizing and anti-wrinkle, it can increase skin elasticity and radiance.


JMsolution snail mask

Snail liquid penetrates the skin

Quietly light up your watery skin

This main yellow-skinner, brightening skin tone is perfect for dull-faced moms and late-night parties.

The main ingredients, snail mucus filtered water and vitamin B12, contain natural collagen and elastin, which can increase the nutrition of the skin, promote regeneration, and moisturize, and make the skin smooth and translucent with consistent use.

After exposure to the sun, you can also use snails to soothe you.

Fan #Kobayashi feedback: After several months of use, the skin feels more delicate than before.

When I first tore open the mask paper, I could still smell a faint sweetness, and the essence revealed a faint pink.

The size of the mask cloth is still just the right size, whether it is a large face or a small face, it can fit the skin and lock in the essence without loss.

The essence can be drawn, I usually apply it for 15 minutes and then peel it off, and I can squeeze out a lot of essence.


JM bird’s nest mask

This mask contains swiftlet nest and hydrolyzed collagen, if the skin has no shine for a long time, it is right to choose it~

Very suitable for taking babies and going to work,

Staying up late and tired mom can be used as a night repair, which can quickly rejuvenate the skin and restore vitality.

Helps dry, damaged, nutrient-deficient skin to replenish nutrients and energy, giving skin elastic care from the inside out for a rejuvenated glow.


Li Mei: My skin is dry, no acne, and the state of my skin is okay, until the stars in the editorial department recommended JM bird’s nest mask to me,

Only to find that my face can be maintained so moisturized, which also shows that the moisturizing before is still not in place, this is very suitable for me.


JM jellyfish mask

Infused with jellyfish extract and hydrolyzed collagen, the mask deeply hydrates and is really suitable for dry, flaky skin.

Hydrolyzed collagen provides firming effect to the skin.


The mask paper is also thicker, when the skin is particularly dehydrated, come to a piece at any time to replenish moisture, and the mask paper will not dry out after 15 minutes, which can maintain the skin moisture for a long time.