This fairy who does not eat human fireworks is a little beautiful and a little cool

“I wouldn’t say Chloé women are a particular person. However, she must be a typical Parisian girl. “But, she must be a typical Parisian woman –

Gaby Aghion

If you have a girl living inside you, you’ll love Chloe’s 2017 Early Spring collection! The free-flowing cut, a mix of androgynous attitudes and romantic details unleash the Chloe girl’s personality attitude.


This collection borrows from the menswear palette – bright white, navy blue, black, carmine, Hainanese – with light pink and mustard yellow interspersed with accents.

The layers of ruffles of the dress, Yuki You feel the fairy air rushing to your face!

The bow on the dress highlights the romantic innocence of the Chloe girls.

女神大婚时的主婚纱也是由Chole的创意总监Clare Waight Keller倾力打造的。

The openwork carvings and three-dimensional prints pouring down from the shoulders are the finishing touches, expressing the Chloe girl’s unintentional natural elegance.


Chloe will always surprise you with a few long dresses. A proper goddess fan.

The youthful and energetic drawstring design outlines the perfect silhouette and exudes sporty youthful energy.

Pocket cargo pants, personality tapered pants, casual small suits, sometimes play with neutral style, fairies should also pretend to be cool.

“For me, this is a collection that goes back to the origins of the brand, shows the simplicity of French style, is a piece of fashion with beautiful proportions. The boxy silhouette and crisp materials convey a strong, vivid visual message, while carrying a flower-like innocence. ——Clare Waight Keller


I don’t need to say more about how much the oxygen goddess loves Chloe, where the street photo is taken, there is Chloe’s figure.


Not only that, Gao Yuanyuan also launched a collaborative Drew handbag with Chloe, which retains the original classic design and adds a personalized pendant and a badge with the GY letter to the metal chain.


The main wedding dress for the goddess’s wedding was also created by Clare Waight Keller, creative director of Chole.