With the development of the fashion industry, suits have become our daily concave styling essential items, and with the development of time, the style of suits is becoming more and more abundant, we can choose the suit that suits us according to our own style and our own interests, and now fashionable elves have also begun to try a variety of bright color blazers, thus interpreting a fresh feeling, it is recommended that you can learn from Liu Xuan’s set of mint green suit suit in the spring, this mint green looks particularly fresh, It shows a girly feeling and can also break the dullness of the suit. Liu Xuan is small but very good at wearing, mint green suit with white shirt, champion temperament shines in the audience!

Green has been particularly popular in the past two years, and different greens bring different feelings. Simply put, green is mainly divided into dark green and light green, dark green saturation is higher, looks more mature, and green looks fresher, suitable for young girls, if you have fair skin, you can learn more light green clothing, the effect of whitening is more obvious, but also can further highlight our skin advantages, this time Liu Xuan chose a mint green suit, the fair skin to show vividly.

The cut of this suit is more three-dimensional, can modify our figure, suitable for women with a slightly fat figure, many women’s bodies are not perfect, so when choosing a jacket to avoid too tight clothing, this kind of slim style is just right, can be slim, but also can show a straight temperament, looks very attractive. Defines the curve of our shoulders and looks even better.

Liu Xuan in this mint green suit with a white shirt, this white color is also relatively fresh, and mint green combined with more foreign, this light color layering method can enhance the sense of layering, while attracting everyone’s attention, we usually wear clothes and match can also learn more from the white shirt, so that the body is more foreign.

Liu Xuan in the lower body with mint green suit pants, this suit can present a sense of fashion, looks more coordinated, many working women like to wear suits, if you are not good at matching, then you can try this form of suit, quietly enhance our sense of layering.

Liu Xuan’s short hair style is more classic, this short hair style can enhance the feeling of a strong woman in the workplace, make the whole person look particularly handsome, and for women in the workplace, short hair is much friendlier than long hair, more convenient to manage, can save our time.

When we choose a suit, we can try more light-colored suits, many women prefer dark colors when choosing suits, such as black or gray, but these two colors do look a little dull, a little careless will make us look more old-fashioned, so we can occasionally break the convention and try light-colored suits.

Striped tops are simple and atmospheric to wear on the body, but this kind of horizontal stripes may also widen our figure, so it is not suitable for women with a slightly fat figure, black and white horizontal stripes are more classic, relatively not easy to make mistakes, Liu Xuan also matched the lower body with white wide-leg pants, combined with red vertical stripes, more fashionable, looks not so monotonous, the high heels under the feet are very designed. Spliced with check elements, intellectual and elegant.

Jumpsuits are also suitable for concave shapes, this time Liu Xuan chose a navy blue jumpsuit, embellished with pink polka dots, playful and cute, inadvertently showing a full girly feeling, and this jumpsuit waist combined with a waist design, can raise the waist line, shape a tall figure.

White T-shirt worn on the body simple atmosphere, this kind of T-shirt is very suitable for young girls, combined with cartoon print patterns, more playful and cute feeling, the lower body with a skirt, this skirt also incorporates vertical stripe elements, can lengthen the legs, step on the thick soled high-heeled sandals, can also achieve the effect of heightening.

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