Material: 30 merino 10 shares

Dosage: 620 g

Needle size: thread 5.0mm front body 5.5mm

Density: 5.5mm needle 10cm = 16 needle

Follow the third yard of the tutorial to weave

Size: Bust 55cm*2 Length 62cm Sleeve length 55cm

Weaving process:

First, the body: 5.0mm needle single thread up from 169 needles, knitting 4 cm single thread (after washing feel that the single thread knitting is less, preferably 6cm), the front and rear pieces are connected to the sheet weaving, change 5.5mm knitting to 25.5cm, the front door control pattern edge begins to collect the needle, 6 rows to receive once, are on the front, a total of 6 times, the length at this time is about 41cm, open and hanging. 8 stitches flat under armpit, 4-1-2 shoulder retracted needle, first knitted back piece, 19cm retracted oblique shoulder, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 4th retract, dig back collar at the same time, 13 stitches flat in the middle of the back collar, 3,2,1 on both sides. Then weave the front piece, continue to collect the needle on the placket pattern, and close the shoulders to the same height as the back piece, the same as the back piece. See the picture for specific data.

Second, sleeves: down to the top circle knitting (much more convenient, after completion and then turn over), 5.0mm short straight needle, starting needle 38 needles, single thread 14 rows, change 5.5mm needle, (the lower needle circle knitting sleeve is much more convenient, after completion and then turn over) knit 6 rows after starting to add needles, then add 1 needle every 8 rows, a total of 11 times at the strong sleeve at this time 60 stitches, length 46.5cm, armpit flat 8 stitches, weaving sleeve mountain, side needle 3 stitches, 2-1-5, the remaining 42 stitches flat.

Front stitched shoulders, upper sleeves: the garment is turned over, the sleeves are reversed, stitched with crochet. Pick woven bag, pick woven pocket: the position is about 3cm away from the placket pattern, the bottom edge is facing up to pick 23 needles, knit 3cm upper needle, start to weave 2 groups according to the diagram, and then knit 6 rows of single threads, flat needle sleeve, note that the first stitch is not woven, easy to remove the side needle and set the hook inside.

Pick and weave placket: 5.0mm needle, the edge of the placket is 5 pick 4, the back collar is 1 to 1 pick, first knit 8 rows of single thread, then knit 2 rows of flat needle, and finally the lower needle sleeve. Hiding threads, cleaning, plastic surgery article source network, if there is infringement, you can contact to delete.