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Sisters!!! Hair care is as important as face care Oh~ This time I will introduce you to a few recent heartwarming hair masks Oh, in fact, hair care is very simple, as long as you persist and seriously care for your hair, you can also stay away from hair loss troubles Oh~ Even if you often perm and dye your hair, you can be as soft and dripping as me!!!

First of all, tell you about the difference between hair mask and conditioner roar~ conditioner can be used every time you wash your hair, But, the hair mask is OK to use 1-2 times a week, because the hair mask has a high degree of moisture, and the effect as an emergency care is also 8 wrong drops ~ How to use the hair mask:

Take a small amount of hair mask, it is best to apply it a little from the scalp, you can gently rub the hair to make the absorption even, it is best to wear an evaporation cap to better absorb Oh, girls who love to play games can use this 20 minutes to play a game of kings ~ hahahaha. Tips: Don’t rub your hair with a towel, press your hair with a towel until it absorbs water, blow from top to bottom when blowing your hair, blow it along your hair for 8 to dry it is ok~ Finally, apply essential oils, the golden retriever lion king is no longer you!!!

1. Pantene’s deep-water shells

This is the treasure of this year’s fire, there are two nourishing types and clear types, and the clear type I use. Nourishing type: dry hair, deep damage. Nourishing type: suitable for oil heads, moderate damage. Babies pick to buy oh ~ small body but have a lot of energy hahahaha, there are a lot of hydrating beads, it is easier to be absorbed by hair than ordinary hair masks, and there is no need to cooperate with a steam cap, the hydration effect is super!!! I use half of this every time, probably because I have less hair ~ crying. Individually packaged one by one, very clean and convenient, it is also very convenient to play or travel~

2. Kérastase Aqua Hair Mask

Why did you buy it, it’s not because the Great Demon King Li Jiaqi also pushed it!!! Those sisters who always dye their hair, their hair quality has slowly deteriorated back to before, and their hair ends are easy to dry and yellow, your treasure is here~ With this, when you go out and only show your eyes and hair, raise a hair and feel like you have won when you walk on the street. It is said that the Kashi Aqua Hair Mask is professionally repaired for damaged hair after dyeing and bleaching, and even the fragrance is very natural and not vulgar. After using it, the fingers brush the hair very smoothly, like sliding through silk!!! After blow-drying, the hair still looks watery, the ends of the hair are not dry and split ends, and it is fragrant, turning into a fragrant and soft girl~

3. Brandfree hair mask

The sisters all came in for me to plant grass ducks, the hair is fine, soft and yellow, and I don’t take the book to remember well, Japanese first aid repair high-gloss hair mask, is blind bought before, the price is quite affordable The effect is super obvious after using it once, and I was amazing. This one is for repairing dry perm and dyed hair, really hinhinhin works well, I swear!!! After using it, the hair is super smooth~ the hair ends are not so frizzy. The key thing is that there is no fake slip and no very poor quality fragrance after washing!!!

4. Caviar hair mask

30 pieces of hair mask are easy to use to scream, do you dare to believe it? If you can’t buy it, you can’t buy it at a loss, you can’t buy it, not only can it be used as a hair mask, but also as a conditioner!!! The smell is that light, not very strong, fragrant, personally I think it smells very good, and the hair is much smoother after washing!! My hair is often fiddled with by me, dyed yellow and black, my hair becomes very dry, and it really can’t be without a hair mask. It is a lot to use, and it is definitely not distressed!!! After using it for three days, the hair will still be smooth, and it has been used until now, and it is really unlimited repurchase!!!