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September 16, three meals a boutique brand of instant coffee half (Saturnbird) Haian Fu on the road to open the next line of the brand’s first concept store,

The store is located at 322 Anfu Road, located women’s brand Brandy Melville and recycling second-hand bookshop “multi catch fish” among, if the flow angle of view, can be described as “prime location.”

According to the site, told the clerk, “Bright Company” September 16 – September 18 three days to Force flight into_the force

Concept Store

Invited to experience field activities were open only to holders of invitation, it is understood that the coffee industry veteran invited more for consumers.

September 19th store will open for business

Open to all consumers.

Three meals a semi-founded in 2015, the flagship product of small cup freeze-dried instant coffee. In June, three meals and a half to complete a new round of financing several hundred million dollars, CITIC Industrial Fund lead investor, IDG, GGV and introverted fund with the investment, according to late reports,

After the investment valued at 4.5 billion yuan

Three meals a semi-financing has maintained a relatively fast speed. January 2019, three meals and a half for the first time fund-raising, to get the Pre-A peak round Swiss capital investment; the same year in July by the sky map Capital lead investor, with investment capital Feng Shui A round of investment, two old shareholders again in November a + chase cast wheel; March 2020, Sequoia capital China Fund lead investor, with investment capital Feng Shui three meals a half B round of financing, valuation of about 800 million yuan.

During the day the cat 618 this year, three meals a day and a half cat leapt 618 categories brewing sales of the first. Founder Wu Chun has announced that the annual re-purchase of nearly 50%, three meals and a half in the first half 2021 sales of more than 2020 full-year 2020 revenue of nearly four three meals and a half billion.


Wu Chun has been mentioned under this year will fall line shop and said, offline channels for three meals and a half, it still carries the dissemination and content of the brand, but also the future of the new retail beginning of the next to membership growth system as the core of online and offline.

According to the pamphlet distributed describes the scene, the store name is

“Force concept store”

. It is three tons and a half of coffee and a fresh expression of life based on exploration, atmosphere rich in life Anfu road, build a home belonging to coffee and full of imagination, in practice the theme of coffee, Chen and development activities to create in the open, and symbiotic integration of neighborhoods, and then connect the vast pluralistic world.

“Bright Company” found at the scene, the decor,

Shops inside and outside the overall style of simple partial wind industry

There is no appearance too much decoration, only “into_the force” the words, cement gray-based; internal walls mostly dark red brick background based, high wall location and are top of the wall and continued the appearance of cement tone.

Outside the store, the overall bias of industrial wind (Source: Bright Company)

Day invited a lot of guests admission, the store has been very many people (source: Bright Company)


Internal setting, a position inside the center of gravity placed against the outer size of the air timber of varying height chairs, stools with a portion of the bottom roller. In addition, there is a shop on most long bar, the main function is the cash register, coffee-making station and take the dining table, customers can buy a drink or food at the cash register, take meals in the bar at the other side of the meal can take.

On-site amenities are taking the green style

. Coffee shop retail products the main push “8” coffee, while the product is limited Anfu Road, on the wall of the store put a few walls full of boxed coffee, the overall visual punch is ideal for taking pictures.

Box with a corrugated, tables and benches are also made of corrugated and splicing

, Corrugated with a strong degradation, and can be reused, the clerk to specially stressed environmentally friendly corrugated.

Entire wall is a new product, 8 coffee packaging is corrugated, the overall emphasis on environmental philosophy (Source: Bright Company)

7 and 8, a total pot of coffee, exquisite interior design and environmental protection (source: Bright Company)

Store tables and chairs are made of corrugated paper, passing a strong environmental philosophy (Source: Bright Company)

On products, in-store point-site meals and other food based mainly coffee, coffee special tone (limited coffee) and bread.

Basic coffee There are now four, are American, latte, oats latte and Australia white, American is 32 yuan, the other 36 yuan; special tone coffee sub-season, cooperation models and other supplies, the menu is not fixed, the clerk said possible 1 -2 months will change a special tone coffee varieties

At present special tone coffee spot price of 38-52 yuan

; Currently there are 3 main bread tastes were toast for the selection of cheese, spicy cheese spread cheese spread green tea bag and bag, the kind of taste Each whole wheat bread and butter have two options, both at 15 Yuan.


The basis of the price of coffee and specialty coffee has been no different from the price difference, while the special tone coffee prices above 38 dollars, generally in the 40-50 yuan, indicating that the store is biased overall went to high-end price.

For comparison, another specialty coffee M Stand, $ 28 American coffee, latte and white single product Australian $ 38, the most expensive of 58 million.

This setting prices in the market might want to make three meals a semi-breakthrough “pure demand” product impression


, To express the concept of high-end boutique brand.

Coffee base more than 32-membered, particularly the coffee at 38 members to 52 members, special tone January-February a new transducer (Source: Bright Company)

Freshly made coffee beans mainly fine blending, emphasizing seasonal selection (Figure from bright company)


According to the clerk said,

Coffee beans coffee beans and store the lyophilized product is not the same

There are three main store beans fight with that menu in the “election season beans,” the three blending beans

, Respectively, skillfully blending black, berry blending and courtesan SOE. The product is freeze-dried coffee beans according to the specific product, the cooperation models such as Hangzhou, Hangzhou is working with a boutique cafe, beans are also mainly used the cafe blending program, mainly Colombian beans.

Special tone coffee shop, the market is currently relatively rare taste taste (Source: Bright Company)

Use three new stores in the quarter beans (Source: Bright Company)


Instant products and different sub-store coffee beans, this product is 0 Hangzhou cooperation Columbia beans (Source: from bright company)

On the brewed coffee,

Three meals a semi stores equipped with “Freaky” (La Marzocco) two different types of coffee machines, in addition to a common Linea series (located on stage), but also equipped with more high-end Modbar series.

Freaky store coffee machine coffee machine (Source: Bright Company)

Shop making coffee bar, about 10 barista making coffee (Figure from bright company)

In addition to the basic bread and coffee products, the store also selling a variety of retail products,

Including ceramic cups, water bottles, canvas bags, boxed instant coffee (8) and instant coffee gift boxes (0), and other products

These products are mainly placed in the shop side wall position. Ceramic cup price was 59 yuan; bottle price of 89-129 yuan range; canvas package price of 69 yuan; instant coffee, including instant coffee gift boxes and ceramic cups, priced at 259 yuan. No. 8 Coffee yet to sell,

The clerk said the store will be officially opened on the 19th formal sale, priced at 168 yuan.

From left to right roam stainless steel bottle, TRITAN roaming and natural glazed pottery cups (Source: Bright Company)

Instant coffee gift boxes, priced at 109 yuan (Source: Bright Company)

Peripheral products canvas bag (Source: Bright Company)


Distribution clerk,

Normal coffee scene about 10 people

Most of the major in charge of making coffee at the counter, the cashier there are two people responsible for customer reception, shop and interior reception staff about 10-12,

Shop total staff of about 20-30 people

. The clerk also said,

Three meals half of Shanghai headquarters of this line is the next concept store, they all work (ie Base items upstairs office area) in the vicinity

Currently the store is not known officially open, the store made the admission by invitation,

Shop three meals are also invited to a half of users

, Some KOC, some boutique coffee shop manager, and even some investors also attended.

Site users are invited to the scene of three meals and a half (Source: Bright Company)

In the shop on a single point, after the first store opened in line on three meals and a half there will be a small program,

Customers can order at that small program, and to take food store, but not take away.

On the “three meals a half-hidden world” of small micro-channel program interface, it has demonstrated a single point in the future and retail systems

. Page displays all merchandise stores can buy, including basic coffee, special tone coffee, bread and retail products only from mentioning.

It is worth mentioning that the three meals and a half in the “Hidden World” applet mentioned the concept of “Dayton point”, in each of three meals and a half consumption of various types of channels 1 yuan, you will get a “meal points” that can be used Exchange “hidden material”, namely coffee and various peripheral.

Three meals half-hidden world of small micro-channel program page, has taken with the retail model (Source: Bright Company)

No. 8 three meals a coffee maker and a half from their supply chain companies (Source: Bright Company)


Three meals in half the number of stores selling coffee maker 8 Force planned to drink (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., according to the investigation APP display eye in the sky,

Coffee Co., Ltd. Changsha three meals and a half (three meals and a half) Force plans to hold a 25 percent stake


. Three meals a half to gradually improve the supply chain at the same time expanding the product.


Or try to grow from space online traffic dividend change / process costs brought under the restricted three meals a half line. Currently three meals a day and a half has been the head of a cat online instant coffee player, but pure online brands are expanding multi-channel.

Three meals and a half to cut into the online scene “just be” user, cost-effective price setting lets get three meals a semi-successful online. The coffee can be both just need the product and can be attribute scene product also determines, only just need market, profit margins and space will not increase, but the line continues, is a step would most associate coffee with the scene, but also escape the net just to be a critical step in the product.

Line brand of coffee three meals valued at 4.5 billion yuan half

The coffee shop is currently offline Manner 197, the valuation reached $ 2.8 billion.