Female stars in addition to the appearance online, usually better clothes than ordinary people, even in the cold winter months they will dress very different, female star Wang Ou wearing a fringed shawl with 9-point leather pants to walk the airport, although the color of the clothes looks very simple and conventional, but the overall matching effect is very eye-catching, when walking the airport, people can see at a glance that they are female stars.

Wang Ou’s styling analysis:

A shawl as a jacket – wear it with chic

Wang Ou’s clothes are really fashionable, with a fringed shawl and 9-point leather pants, and a beret with a foreign and temperamental. Most women wear coats or down jackets in the winter street, basically limited to these two items, but Wang Ou is unique in the use of a gray-black shawl as a coat, this personalized item itself is bright enough, coupled with her temperament and driving ability are very good, wearing it looks very distinct.

Long tassel design – full of personality

This gray-black tassel shawl is very simple and low-key in the design of color, but also very stable, not very eye-catching, but it looks very dignified and stable to wear, and the shawl uses a long tassel design method in the hem to present a personalized cut effect, full of personality.

Black leather pants – bold and bold

Wang Ou matched a black leather pants on the lower body, using the basic color matching method of the upper and lower body to present a sufficient sense of harmony, simple and durable, but also to avoid the swagger of color matching, the pants use the design of leather fabric in the fabric design to present a personalized matching effect, personality and a little sassy.

White sweater – adds freshness

Wang Ou wears a gray-black fringed shawl with a white sweater, and uses a classic and simple black and white combination on the color matching of the upper body to present a sense of visual richness, this classic color matching method is usually not very eye-catching, but it is attractive and practical.

9-point pants with – smart and stylish

The leather pants worn by Wang Ou on the lower half of the body use a 9-point design method to present a sufficiently capable matching effect, and the length of 9 points shows that the whole person is very capable and neat, with the same color boots, which is both free and stylish and can ensure enough comfort. The black beret color is simple and understated, but it can be combined with the finishing touch in the overall look.

Other styling analysis of Wang Ou:

Haze blue coat + light underwear

In the color matching of the whole body, you can use the combination of cold and warm color matching to present the richness and layering of color, the warm color inside can increase femininity when worn on the body, and the haze blue coat outside can show a moderate brightening effect by using a cold color design method.

Red one-shoulder dress

Wang Ou’s figure is maintained very well, the good-looking shoulders and slender swan neck are very charming, this kind of body advantage allows her to have more choices when dressing, the big red dress is very charming to wear, and the design of the shoulders can be shown by a moderate off-the-shoulder design method.

Green long-sleeved dress

If you have a strong ability to control colors, you can boldly try some bright colors in some appropriate occasions, bright colors on the body can play a role in increasing the sense of attention, and at the same time with a moderate loose style can ensure sufficient comfort, long sleeves design although with a little sense of conservatism, but the matching effect is dignified and atmospheric.

Wang Ou’s appearance is very personal, plus the acting skills are also good, the hard power among women of the same age is very good, in addition to these advantages, the clothes of the young lady have always been online, if you want to wear a sense of fashion, you should quickly learn from the goddess.

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