As soon as it was time for barbecue this summer, Delta came to make trouble, and everyone had to be careful and try to avoid eating out. The heart and stomach that want to eat barbecue, frying, and hot pot are scratching their ears and cheeks, and they can’t bear it.

Friends must have this feeling, many times eating needs atmosphere, especially barbecue, hot pot and the like. It has to be a beautiful stove, rich and good-looking food, a comfortable and pleasant environment, and most importantly, three or five confidantes and friends.

Therefore, the little friend set his sights on the new multi-functional pot of the type of Juhi pan, which has just become popular recently, which can also be said to be a double-mouth electric stove. After comprehensively considering the cost performance and functionality, the domestic brand Rongshida multi-functional Changhi Pan was finally selected.

The following is the experience of unpacking and using the little friends~

There are many reasons to choose first, but the most important thing is that it is super cost-effective! After all, it is a national brand, and it really gives up profits to the greatest extent, and the old domestic brand is indeed yyds!

Secondly, considering the comprehensive performance, the induction cooker has higher thermal efficiency and faster heating speed than the electric ceramic stove, and it is more efficient for party barbecues, and there is no need to worry about the situation of cooking dishes such as big eyes and small eyes, and it is more suitable for the use of other scenes, stir-frying, stewing, and boiling tea are more practical.

Imagination is beautiful, let’s see if the products and experiences received after placing an order have disappointed me in this foodie~

Unpacking is very pleasant, the moment I open the box, the appearance of this Changhi plate makes me very moved, my personal point of view, it is actually much better than a certain polyhi plate. The shape of the upper cover is more harmonious and the shape is better on the whole.

Open it and put it on the dining table to take a look, the overall shape is exquisite and beautiful and simple atmosphere, the color matching of warm white and champagne gold visually gives people a warm feeling, and the visual matching of the ingredients should be quite appetizing.

In addition to the harmonious and beautiful visual effect, the baking tray of champagne gold is also very comfortable and delicate to the touch, officially said to be independently developed, using imported double-layer water-based materials, 1000 °C high temperature integrated seamless die-casting technology to create. This material is safer, non-toxic, evenly conducts heat and heat, and is easy to clean.

But whether it is really easy to clean and fast heat conduction, you have to experience it to find out, and this foodie will experience it for himself later.

Take away the lid and the small gold plate, in fact, it is an IH induction cooker, the difference is that compared with ordinary induction cookers, the appearance is more delicate and generous, and the size is larger – the most important thing is that it is a double furnace, with two stoves on the left and right, which can work independently of each other, can work alone or at the same time.

Therefore, the corresponding control area also has two knobs on the left and right independent control, both touch and knob, corresponding to the official introduction of the double furnace independent control. Touch is also controlled independently from left to right.

The panel is a black 1500°C one-piece microcrystalline panel, which looks pretty good. There is a safety warning sign directly above it.

However, the principle of Rongshida Changhi disc is an induction cooker, which dissipates heat faster and is relatively safer than some brands of electric ceramic stoves.

Prepare the dishes on the coffee table, so that I can eat and brush the drama while eating, and start a new experience of my family barbecue for two.

In this scenario, the power cord is required to be relatively long in order to be convenient to use. The power cord of the Rongshida Changhi plate is relatively long, although it still needs to be plugged in at the coffee table, but this can only be blamed on my water and electricity master during the decoration, hai.

To be honest, the biggest worry about barbecue at home is the smell of fumes, followed by worrying about taste.

Barbecue and stir-fry hot pot are not the same, the control of the heat requirements is higher, the heat is too small for half a day to eat, the heat is too large and easy to burn, the worst thing is that the last toss for half a day did not eat enough tossing and full of oil smoke smell.

Although I have confirmed many times before buying that I can achieve light oil and less smoke, I am still a little apprehensive in my heart, and I have to confirm it through practice, after all, practice is the only standard for testing truth.

First grill a wave of enoki mushroom bacon, meat and vegetarian pairing, some leek baby dishes, large red sausage and meat also a little, plus two bones and flesh to connect.

In the barbecue mode, when the stepless adjustment knob is adjusted, the program display shows the temperature, so it is better to control, and the baked food is good.

The design of the left and right independent control is indeed a good actual experience, like eating barbecue, my teammates and I have different preferences, and even if it is consistent, meat and vegetables are better to eat together, if the whole plate is the same, it is impossible to grill meat dishes and ingredients at the same time, and now it is perfect to grill left and right separately.

I don’t know if it’s because the two are not hungry, so the barbecue is not used much, the basic temperature of the main barbecue on the left is 140-160, and after cooking, it will be adjusted lower, the barbecue process is indeed not sticky, there is no baked paste, and the appearance is also good.

The second plate was still clean when it was baked. The most important thing is that there has been no oil smoke for a long time, the naked eye seems to be basically smokeless, when eating with the window open and through the wind, what you can smell is the aroma of the food you like, of course, a little oil smoke smell is not exaggerated, but even if you order the aroma of takeaway barbecue, it is a little greasy and cumin, pepper mixed taste.

But there is also a little splash of oil, but in the acceptance range, friends with cooking experience understand that it is indeed inevitable, but the range is relatively small, will not splash everywhere, the ground will not be, basically only collapse to the edge of the baking tray 10-15cm, are very small oil stars. After eating, it is also wiped clean.

In general, grilling and washing the stove is simply not too painful. But this one is really good, after eating and trying it with a disposable rag, it is clean and very simple to clean.

The next day, I was eager to try hot pot again. My teammates can’t help me as a foodie who eats hot pot while drinking chrysanthemum tea.

While boiling the hot pot, on the other side, a small frying pan was used to fry a self-created egg teriyaki for the teammates who also ate the staple food of the hot pot – the ingredients are super simple, two eggs, green peppers, bell peppers, and chili powder.

Rongshida Juhi Plate, take off the baking tray, take your own milk pot and cook the hot pot, it is simply amazing! The speed was super fast, I opened it without reacting, and by the time my eggs were fried, the first wave of food was ready to eat.

If you eat for two, just use this 16cm small milk pot, the Changhi plate is larger than expected, and the visual inspection should be more than enough to achieve a 6-10 person hot pot game, one side of the hot pot side is not spicy, very perfect.

After eating, I felt that Rongshida’s Changhi dish is indeed larger than expected, and it should also be able to be used for stir-frying, not stir-frying, but I took our 24cm induction cooker special frying pan and tried the size, and it seemed quite small when put it on. However, neither of the two people who love stir-frying wanted to experience it, so they shelved the experience.

I feel that this pot is bought right, and it can greatly increase the frequency of cooking and eating at home. After all, I already made my own breakfast!

Successfully made teammates not resist eating toast and sandwiches in the morning – white toast original wheat toast teammates did not eat, the crispy oil in the store, and the salad dressing in sandwiches did not eat.

Turn on the baking tray mode in the morning, put two cups of milk on one side to heat up, because the baking tray conducts heat, so the cup can be used with an ordinary ceramic cup, only need a flat bottom, add two drops of oil on one side to fry the toast, and then fry an egg sandwiched in the middle.

The oil is olive oil, which is relatively healthy, although the butter is more fragrant, but the amount is more difficult to control.

The toast fried in this way is sandwiched into a sandwich, which is crispy but not greasy at all. With some fruit + milk, it was the perfect breakfast.

A few minutes to get it, you can also do it yourself on weekdays, if you are in a hurry in the morning, you don’t need to wash the pot, you can wipe it in time, and you don’t have time to come back at night to scrub.

The overall experience and practicality of the product is really good, the efficiency of barbecue and hot pot is very high, and there are many other small ways to use it. And you don’t need to buy a full set of big prices, stir-fry, stew, make a stew, all use the ready-made induction cooker pots and pans at home. Later, in addition to the above-mentioned ones, I also used it to cook overnight snacks (instant noodles), steamed steamed buns, dumplings, made fried dumplings, etc., and also unlocked boiled milk tea.

Overall, the product advantages are obvious, but there are also several harmless small problems, summarized as follows:


1. Multi-functional, multi-scene practical, frying, stewing and stir-frying, hot pot barbecue;

2. High power, low noise, easy to move, simple cleaning, good practical experience, the baking tray is enough for 6 people to eat at the same time;

3. High appearance, warm and simple color matching, suitable for various home styles, dinner gatherings, photography can be handy;

4. High cost performance, compared with the price of two or three thousand of a brand, the price is affordable and the heating efficiency is higher;

5. Precise temperature control, light oil and less smoke.


1. Induction cooker, need to adapt to the pots used in the induction cooker, versatile all kinds of pots, but can not use Corning pot;

2. Suitable for multi-person dinner, barbecue efficiency is high, but there is a slight oil splash phenomenon, but used as an ordinary induction cooker stir-fry is only suitable for a family of three, especially when stewing soup on one side, the size of the wok is slightly limited.