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The third season of “This, This is Street Dance” is on the air, and the scenes of various immortal fights did not make me feel anything, but Huang Bo’s street-style style immediately calmed me down as soon as he appeared.

Huang Bo on the stage is no longer the person who will wear Baleno out of the rustic, a loose T-shirt with a five-sleeved jacket inside and out, and two necklaces around his neck, squeezing out a wink for everyone, the trend of dressing up is quite rapper~

From the perspective of styling alone, Huang Bo has the meaning of “kicking the pavilion”. But as a mentor, how can Zhang Yixing let him succeed easily? The Cuban necklace that recently caught fire, Zhang Yixing wore three in a row, stacking a rich layer of effect on the chest with different lengths, with a pink suit, it also made people feel very Sven.

Like this kind of interlocking necklace with a sense of design, you can wear only one, and there will be no lack of presence at all; The dazzling metallic sheen also sets off the skin tone very white.

After watching these episodes of the program, I found that the clothes of these mentors are worth learning from all male compatriots, especially Zhang Yixing and Wang Yibo, who are even more careful in the choice of accessories. The same necklace looks good and versatile, and most importantly, the price is also close to the people, and even I can afford the same style!

Many fans told me that after watching the show, compared to Zhang Yixing’s Krump, they planted his pearl necklace first. Here I also specially found the same style for you, the lustrous pearl embellished with peach heart design is very recognizable; One can basically meet everyone’s needs for accessories when matching daily.

The simple design does not pick men and women to control, Liu Tao, Song Zuer, Zhou Zhennan have worn it, whether attending formal occasions or daily shopping.

There are other colors for the necklace, and when Xiaoding Yuxi took pictures for “Xiaobourgeois CHICTEEN” magazine, he wore a blue suit, which was not obtrusive.

Sometimes I wear a white T-shirt, and the pearl necklace is white and hangs down the front of the neck to make it difficult to notice. Zhang Yixing used a small technique of layering and wore it with another irregular pearl necklace, and the gold coin attracted the eye, making the whole set more distinct.

It can also be combined with other accessories, Zhang Yixing with a pearl waist chain, and the details immediately echo.

Wearing a baseball cap and revealing a small dirty braid on his head, he is very cool, and the simple combination of white T and black pants directly brings out a full street style.

The eyes of the fashionable elves are really surprisingly similar, because the pearl love necklace we just mentioned, I also found the same style on Wang Yibo, and the way to stack it is very tacit.

Wang Yibo occasionally chooses bracelets, and the colorful stainless steel bracelet and the necklace stacked are the same series. Looking further up, hanging the keychain in his hair, he can think of it, but it’s also a great idea to play cool.

The patchwork denim jacket and black T were originally unremarkable, and adding two necklaces made the look more lively?

Wang Yibo also unlocked a very organic car style necklace, the chain element combined with the lock design to get rid of the passerby feeling, the overall shape is also worthy of the price of more than 3,000.

At the same time, he also wore another thin chain, crossed with the motorcycle necklace on the chest to create a sense of layering, and was completely not old from head to toe in black, and stepped on Air Force1 cool~

The combination of two necklaces, one thick and one thin, makes the effect not monotonous. I didn’t find a price for a shorter dragon tooth necklace, but another longer glass pendant necklace was a little expensive, equivalent to about 4,000 taels.

When national model Zhao Jiali wore the same necklace, she also chose to stack it with another thicker necklace, which was super sassy under the high saturation filter.

If you want to wear two thin necklaces in a row, the length needs to have a gap, otherwise mixed together makes people look at it will feel messy and layerless, Wang Yibo chose the length of these two necklaces is very good, the design of coins and bottles is particularly interesting.

When shooting the trailer for the show, Wang Yibo also used a coin necklace to wear three stacks, which is also the maximum number of necklace stacking, and if you add a few more, it will be counterproductive to the shape and appear cumbersome.

Meng Meiqi also has a coin necklace of the same style, but she usually likes to wear only this one when she goes out, and it is very casual with a loose T-shirt.

Zhou Yutong used a coin necklace as the base, the white pearl necklace and headband chose the same color, and the irregular shape was cleverly associated with the earrings, echoing each other in details, and wearing the handsome oversized-t-shirt out of femininity.

In addition to the two mentors Zhang Yixing and Wang Yibo, Wang Jiaer’s necklace is also very standard, using a suit to mix and match the rough Cuban necklace, and the big gold chain is also a lot more beautiful.

What impressed me the most was his “Fulai” Chinese style necklace, with red clothes and red pants, standing on the stage and the whole person was so festive.

Change into functional overalls, and the red Fuzi necklace on the chest is more conspicuous. Because the chain is silver, the same color as the bracelet, so matching this outfit does not make me feel any sense of discord, but rather has a contrast.

If you look at it alone, the long pendant necklace on Zhong Hanliang’s chest is a bit exaggerated, but combined with this graffiti jumpsuit, there is a feeling that it is just right, and the flat shoes are in a relaxed state, very casual, and the age-reducing effect is also obvious.

After watching a few episodes of the program, I didn’t expect that I was planted by the same necklace of the mentor first, and the price is relatively close to the people, even I can afford it~

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