It’s no secret that NBA players love to wear arm guards, but do you know who the first player in the NBA to wear arm guards was? Why did he choose to wear arm guards in the first place?

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In the 2000-2001 season, Iverson suffered an accident on the court, his right elbow suffered a contusion, and after returning from injury, Iverson’s RBK company specially introduced protective gear such as arm guards for him to protect his stars from such injuries, and Iverson became the first player in the entire NBA to start wearing arm guards. (The initial arm guards are simple, pure white and black)

Iverson’s classic white

Later, we also saw that some players began to follow Iverson, because after all, arm guards are not only beautiful, but also can indeed protect players’ arms from being easily injured on the court, including Kobe, James and Wade are loyal fans of arm guards, so is the role of arm guards only these, and listen to my analysis:



Can wick away perspiration and maintain arm temperature.

Make sure that the energy of the arm is not easily lost, and that this effect of the arm guard is not lost due to multiple washes.

The classic black of the Cavaliers

Second: keep the arm muscles tight and fix the shooting posture.

For many NBA players, arm guards act a bit like tights, which ensure that your muscles are in a state of tension and that your shot tends to be stable.

Third: reduce the risk of injury

。 This effect is the same as the role of knee pads, elbow pads, etc., once a collision occurs, arm guards can reduce the wear and tear on the body to a certain extent.

Black and yellow war

Fourth: aesthetics.

Slowly the arm guards have become a beautiful scenery on the court, tied to the IDs of some players, such as the white arm guards of Iverson and Anthony, the black arms of James and Wade, the golden arms of Kobe Bryant and so on!

Arm guards protect

When sports return to our lives, when we stand on the basketball court on the street, I feel that whether it is to protect ourselves, or to make more people notice themselves, or to surface their home team position, it is necessary to wear such a protective arm to prove themselves to more people, for basketball, live up to the love!