I made an appointment with my husband to eat and watch a movie after work, but he always looks like he has every opportunity, not to mention that he has to see his real body after work, or he only hears his voice and does not see his vicious events from time to time, but I believe that today he will come as promised, because he has never made an appointment on his wedding anniversary, but how to arrange this two hours earlier than him? It’s still the old place, the old tree coffee looks like a man in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

I like the kind of boy who exudes a clean smell all over, even if he doesn’t look very handsome, but the refreshing look is enough to make people feel pleasing to the eye, just like this boy in a camel tweed jacket, walking through the world of men’s clothing dominated by black and gray, unique is this intimacy that is not dominating but satisfied.

This one can’t help but think of the plainclothes policemen in many police and bandit films, every time the wind and fire break into the line of sight of the police shots are indispensable to appear like leather jackets, the sense of intimacy and security driven by infectious power and action is born, I don’t know if this figure flashing in front of the window is the invisible guardian of the people.

The double-breasted tweed handsome guy floated past the window and followed me in front of the window in a daze for a third of a second to look at each other, suddenly a little stunned at that moment, the next second to watch his back gallop away, a sense of déjà vu in the brain like a white horse through the gap, silly laughing at himself, not a flower heart is a flower idiot, remember one day last year, my husband was like this through the glass, a mouthful of white steam, drawing a love heart.

Looking at this brother wearing a rabbit fur collar purple and red tweed jacket, when carrying a leather big bag slipped by, I suddenly thought of the film school graduate who was called strange by Huang Xiaoxian in “33 Days of Broken Love”, wearing lipstick to see no one eating leeks, cooking and doing housework sexy personality Wang Xiaojian, can really be called the new generation of good men.

This one did not flash by, but pushed the door and sat down behind me, took off his business cashmere coat, ordered a cup of espresso, quietly looked at the “Economic Daily” in his hand, very old-school British habits, somewhat inconsistent with modern e-commerce, but let this winter evening coffee house glow with pure and rich fragrance.

Last Spring Festival seems to have bought my dad such a checked tweed jacket, and the impression that my father, who has always been in uniform, rarely wears these fancy clothes, but when I pestered him to try it that day, he was still a child and half-reluctantly looked in front of the mirror, and finally smiled with one hand in his waist and said: “Well, not bad!” ”

How can the commercial area where men and beautiful women walk through be less eye-catching of the Korean version of the star style, girls love the Korean version, then the boys around them have naturally become the most favorite works, double-breasted suit collar tweed midi jacket and this year’s women’s retro model is far away, and with a detachable fur collar, heh, go out on the street is called a “deng pair”.

Typical British college style, tall fair-skinned boys trotting into the building with a shoulder strap of a backpack, conditioned stimulation me to look at the time, thinking that I was a part-time worker when I was a student, and the struggle to run the field in time is gone.

This handsome man is good-temperamental, have we met somewhere, in the past life or in this life, is the mystery hidden in the suit collar “The wife has worked hard!” “, the male protagonist finally appeared in the colorful night, and he seemed to smell his familiar smell through the glass window.