In the summer, everyone chooses clothes with thinner fabrics, and cotton and linen is a good choice. The textured cotton and linen fabric is very soft and comfortable to wear, and it can also absorb sweat and breathe, making it a must-have item for summer wear. Cotton and linen give people a sense of literature and art visually, a little casual and lazy, and very personal.

Girls who like cotton and linen wear love its soft texture and natural color, there is a return to the basics of simplicity, not ostentatious, not pompous, not pretentious, whether it is inside or outside, can bring us a sense of ease. This year, I especially like cotton and linen T-shirt matching, casual skirts or trousers, casual and simple and very literary ~

White is a very low-key, thin and versatile color, this white personality embroidered T-shirt is very ethnic style, with a red cotton and linen long skirt, and a pair of small white shoes, full of literary and artistic fan.

Cotton and linen clothes are generally relatively plain, giving people a very cool feeling, if you want to wear a little simpler, then you can wear short sleeves with irregular skirts, or sleeveless T-shirts with wide-leg pants, since highlighting your good figure, and atmospheric fashion ~

Cotton and linen belong to a type of coarse cloth, compared with ordinary cotton clothes, cotton and linen can effectively absorb sweat on the skin and maintain the dryness of the skin, so it is very cool to wear cotton and linen skirts in summer. And the waist style cotton and linen skirt can also set off the curves of a woman’s slim body, which is more foreign than the loose one.

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Avissi Summer 2020 New Thin Cotton and Linen Niche Design Loose Doll Dress 7701



Cotton and linen pants are very comfortable to wear, for those who like comfort and ease, wide-leg pants style cotton and linen pants, trousers can also be turned into cropped pants, with a pair of simple small white shoes or leather shoes, with a black or white loose T-shirt, the feeling of preppy style has ~

Cotton and linen shirts have always been the standard for simple literary styles. Wearing a cotton and linen shirt with a simple pair of trousers or skirts, a literary and artistic natural wind is revealed.

Cotton and linen clothes always give people a sense of comfort, this white short sleeves are fresh and generous, with a pair of cotton and linen pants, simple and generous, there is a feeling of small family jasper.

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