Although the hit drama “Next Stop is Happiness” that has entered the “after-sales stage” has ended, as the big heroine in the play, Song Qian has always been hot, although many netizens who have seen the plot, calling He Fanxing’s view on feelings is not very correct, but Song Qian’s daily wear in the play has become a new trend in the workplace.

You must know that before the filming of “The Next Stop is Happiness”, Song Qian has always been known for

Black long straight

The image appeared on the big screen, although the long-haired Song Qian is also very beautiful, but it has been tepid.

Until the release of “The Next Stop is Happiness” during the New Year this year, in the play, Song Qian changed her previous style, incarnated into He Fanxing with short hair, short hair made Song Qian’s facial features more three-dimensional, and the figure-eight long bangs also modified the face shape well, and the audience not only appreciated Song Qian’s appearance, but also imitated Song Qian’s outfit in the play.

Although Song Qian’s position in the play is an executive of the company, Song Qian is not like many popular urban workplace dramas before, the heroines there are all high-end tailor suits, and they are full of aura!

Instead, it played a casual workplace

Light ripe wind

, but a large part of it may also be closely related to the relatively relaxed working environment in the play, and the basic outfits are light-colored T-shirts and shirts and various casual suits.

Careful netizens must have also found that after cutting short hair, Song Qian can be described as a burst of red, the appreciation of clothes has been greatly improved, the red big V-neck puff sleeve short top, revealing the white collarbone and beautiful back, and the short slim design not only reveals the waist line, but also the elongated lower body slender proportions, cute short people can learn.

It’s still it.”

Please take my knees

“Jeans with holes and small feet, because the top is relatively bright red, so generally we in the color choice of pants, the color is relatively light and will be more in line, high-top white canvas shoes are no longer exclusive to students in the past, in today’s new fashion, canvas shoes have also become one of the necessary shoes for friendly civilians.

I casually carried the small volume bag that in the eyes of the so-called straight man, only the cute small volume bag, the small bow on the bag is really very hearty, and I also chose the big red that echoes the top in the choice of color. Of course, if the little fairies who have not yet bought red bags at home, they can also choose super versatile black and white bags, and there is no big problem.

Learn Song Qian on the street seems to be a random stop, of course, if you are afraid of the sun when you go out, remember to prepare your big sunglasses, bright and red, friends can find your direction immediately!

In the well-known Korean girl group debuted Song Qian, the dance art must be obvious to everyone, street dance or anything can be regarded as an entry-level, so Song Qian’s similar street dance style in life is also very outstanding, black crewneck sweatshirt, white letters on both sides of the shoulders, immediately added a sense of fashion.

Purple outfit should be the color that many people want to try, but this color is very picky, Song Qian directly put a purple and yellow plaid irregular A-line skirt on the body, the irregular skirt can show slender beautiful legs, and a bohem vision, can’t help but sigh that purple can also be worn like this!

Everyone also knows that female celebrities in order to look good on camera, their body proportions have always been very important, the official 168 height Song Qian, also wore a pair of thin boots with a pointed toe and thin heel that feels ten centimeters of vision, beauty is certain, but if it is similar to daily life, everyone can still treat themselves kindly, three or five centimeters of boots are very good, both tall and gentle.

Talking about purple, Song Qian’s purple two-piece knitted skirt is also very nice, because of the sparseness of the knitting, a slightly empty relationship, in case of walking away must be the bottom black vest, the top and skirt occasionally appear on the woolen whiskers, even if they look as beautiful as Song Qian, occasionally need to use clothes to enhance more fairy.

Song Qian, who has such a good appearance and clothes online, do you love it? Therefore, if you have not brushed the relaxed romance drama “The Next Stop is Happiness”, if you want to learn the new outfit of He Fanxing’s workplace, you can go to the detailed tasting.