Dear beautiful little fairies, have you already begun to prepare autumn clothes, the weather is gradually getting cooler, and the little beauties who like to wear skirts are not very distressed!

In fact, autumn can also wear a beautiful and bright skirt out, today I will recommend several dresses suitable for autumn, each set is good-looking, color matching is also excellent, do not pick the figure, any occasion can be worn, sisters must not miss ah.

Sweet and salty black and white checkered dress, shirt control closed eyes have to start, how to wear how to look good, but daily commuting is also very suitable for student parties, no matter what style it interprets! The contrast design of the black and white check on the sleeves is rich in vision to enhance the sense of wear, and the retro check color system will not be too strong, and it feels silky and sweet temperament.

Small lapels with standard single-breasted buttons, sweet and playful retro noble, more neat and elegant temperament, high waist line design to modify the proportion of the body, allowing you to easily achieve the visual effect of legs below the chest, proper long legs are both visual, length over the knee, flowing and beautiful, full of charm between walking, but also cover the flesh of the legs, only the most slender ankles, the heart is thin.

Small A-shaped preppy dress, a dress that is indispensable all year round, both outside and as an underwear are good items, the lapel design decorated with bow ties is a small fresh decoration neck line, the truncated design lengthens the proportions of the figure, and the cuffs that are partially cuffed in the sleeves are dignified and generous.

The simple style with the sweater will show the collar will be more layered, the long calf is also friendly to small people, and the red fabric is vibrant and girly, full of fresh and energetic atmosphere.

When I saw this two-piece dress, my eyes lit up, and the design of the little vest + dress was embellished, adding a little pattern to the whole, and a little high-end cuteness!

Shirt lapel design, unbuttoning can highlight the collarbone well, A-line fit design modifies the body shape line to show thin flesh, moderate length will not press the height and do not pick people to wear, high waist treatment, outline the figure to take cash, let the body proportion look, go up to be taller and tall babies, ready to welcome the debut of this dress C position!

This dress, the whole person behind the upper body is an elegant gentle fan, the overall fit fits, but there is no tight sense of constraint, the polyester and cotton blend fabric texture is delicate, but the shape of the skirt has just the right sense of spaciousness, modifying the slender and straight body.

There is a bow on the chest with contrasting lapels, lighting up the overall tone of the skirt, the big bow makes the face more petite and cute, and the side of the top is equipped with an invisible zipper, outlining the design of the girl’s slender waist and mid-length, and small people can easily control it.

This is also a dress that I love recently super loved, the upper body is the heroine made in Korean dramas, the two-piece color contrast meter plus the waist is really thin, the neat small lapels lengthen the neck line, modify the face shape of the smart and temperamental feeling, for the body proportion is not very good for the beautiful eyebrows, this is simply the gospel of small beautiful eyebrows.

The upper body fit is amazing, who wears it looks good, the color is super advanced, the upper body is very big brand temperament, easy to wear and don’t bother to match, little eyebrows hurry up.

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