Compared with the Internet celebrity street auctions that rely on fancy dresses and heavy makeup to attract people’s attention, the elderly street auctions lead the trend by virtue of their own dressing style, not blindly pursuing trends. As a fashion capital, local 6- and 70-year-old ladies dress elegantly and cutely, becoming a fashion benchmark for older women.

Analysis of the dress of the old lady in Paris

The old Parisian ladies are not afraid of age in dressing, even if their faces are wrinkled and their bodies are out of shape, they still do not forget their love for floral dresses, and in their looks, floral dresses are also one of the items with a high upper body.

Elderly women want to match the floral skirt well, which is indeed a test of dressing skills and fashion expression. Take the printed skirt, for example,

The length is best placed at the calf position

, not too exposed skin is more dignified and decent, the upper body is formed with a solid color vest

“Traditional and Simple Combination”

look, which does not give people visual aesthetic fatigue, dyes pink hair that was not allowed by his mother when he was young, fashionable and cute.

Printed skirt with white shirt

The biggest advantage of the combination and matching is that it can show the temperament of female intellectual elegance, and it can be easily controlled in daily casual or more formal occasions. This simple and high-class way of wearing is very much

Suitable for older women with skinny bodies

, selected

Floral skirts and shirt profiles should be as loose as possible

, define the body while creating a casual and free look.

The most common way to pair it in early autumn is this

“Printed skirt + knitwear”

, the way of wearing with warm properties also adds affinity to the overall look. For elderly women with white skin, you can boldly choose pink floral dresses,

Accentuates the complexion and enhances the temperament

Wear yours with a tonal knit on your upper bodice and easily become a beautiful sight on the streets in autumn.

For elderly women who do not have a height advantage, if they want to wear a floral dress, they have to wear it

Pay attention to emphasize the waistline position

。 Layered design of the printed skirt, with an irregular skirt cut, it is easy to crush the height when worn alone, so choose a short-fit jacket jacket on the matching,

Improve the waist line to divide the upper and lower body proportions

, tall and thin.

Most older women are afraid to wear floral dresses, the main reason is that they are worried that the look will look old, but if you wear it with one

Youthful clothing items

, can play a good age-reducing effect. Just like the printed skirt upper body with a denim jacket, using the fashion youth attribute that comes with denim, the overall look is very young.

When matching a floral skirt, in addition to choosing the right style of the top, you should also pay attention to the overall shape and color. Taking the “printed skirt + suit” shape, which has been very popular in recent years, as an example, the old lady in Paris has made a good demonstration in color matching.

The lemon yellow blazer with a white and green printed skirt, the overall fresh and natural color matching brings out the forest wearing atmosphere, fashion and age reduction, but also very suitable for the autumn fashion look based on warm colors.

White suit with cherry blossom pink print skirt,

“Simplified and Complex”

The combination method will not cause visual messiness and aesthetic fatigue, the white print pattern on the skirt echoes the color of the suit, the black cross-body bag and black leather shoes, socks echo up and down again, the overall shape is simple but very layered.

The burgundy blazer has a noble and elegant atmosphere, blessed with corduroy fabric material, adding a bit of retro charm, the lower body with a contrast floral pattern skirt, dark color shape wear does not look obtrusive, the combination of the two pieces is neither noisy nor chemical, showing the gorgeous temperament of older women.

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