When the season changes, many people will fall into the anxiety of not knowing what to wear. Let me ask: What could be more comfortable than a soft sweater?

At the end of the year, even the southern region, which has always been known for its “winter failure”, is inevitably more cold. A sweater with a little thickness will naturally come in handy.

Not to mention the people of the North, sweaters are definitely a good hand underneath. After taking off your coat indoors, whether a sweater looks good or not directly determines your overall styling score for the day.

So without further ado, let’s plate the hottest sweater in recent times today!

When it comes to Fairy Island jacquards two years ago, many people may be confused. In recent years, with the blessing of blogger crazy Pick, and the blessing of big names on the runway, the popularity of this pattern has greatly increased.

Ralph Lauren 2021 Fall

The Fair Isle sweater originated on the Fair Isle in northern Scotland. The most basic patterns of jacquard are snowflakes, elk, pine trees, these elements are displayed on sweaters through different arrangements and combinations, delicate and chic.

The colors used in Fairisle sweaters are generally very bright. Coupled with bright and childlike embellishments, it is difficult not to be attractive.

Several colors are intertwined and layered, giving the cold winter days an extra warm feeling.

This sweater doesn’t have to think twice about how to wear it. Southern friends wear it directly alone, with a pair of basic trousers to interpret the casual fashion.

Change into military pants and Martin boots, it will make the look more handsome, cool girls can refer to.

If you have a shirt with a large lapel at home, you can also take it out and layer it with a sweater, it will look more fashionable~

The northern girl, of course, just layered it with a thick coat.

Choosing a jacket in the same color as the sweater has a stronger overall sense and will be more visually harmonious.

The fad wave of lapel sweaters has actually been scraping for years, especially this year.

Just look at the runway look and see that the collared sweater full of neutral temperament has long been out of the loop.

Etro 2020 Fall

Nanushka 2019 Fall

Ganni 2020 Fall

In terms of styling, the lapel sweater has the attributes of retro elegance, and it is smart and handsome with pants.

Compared to ordinary crewnecks and turtlenecks, lapel sweaters are thinner because they can show their collarbones.

The zipper version allows the neckline to be adjusted to add a touch of movement to the plain sweater.

By changing the depth of the V-neck at will, you can increase the skin exposure effect. Wear it with skirts or pants to look skinny and sexy.

When it’s cold in winter, you can also layer a bottoms. Keep warm while wearing layers.

From the beginning of autumn, sweater cardigans have been an indispensable existence. Versatile and stylish, Fashion Icon is almost a handybody.

Bella Hadid


Sweater cardigans may seem similar, but different knitting styles can be combined differently.

Commuter parties and girls who prefer a low-key style prefer fine-knit cardigans, which are elegant and highlight the gentleness of women themselves.

Not only can you wear it alone, but you can also wear it underneath a white undershirt, which is simple and decent.

The advantage of fine knitting is that it does not feel bulky, and it will not look bulky even when layered with a coat.

Students who are in the student party or at the beginning of their careers can choose a thicker knit, which looks more lively and age-reduced.

It is worth noting that the coarse knit itself already has some sense of expansion, and the cocoon shape will be easy to appear fat.

If you want to choose a long chunky knit cardigan, it is best to choose a straight or A-line board type.

PS: The bright sweater cardigan is very photogenic, wear it on weekends to party with little sisters, and the film production rate is very high~

Mohair is very easy to be called “hippocampal hair”, so that many people don’t know what kind of material it is, after all, we all know that people seahorses have no hair!

In fact, mohair is a kind of wool, English name Mohair, transliterated as mohair, this furry material is very common in autumn and winter runways.

Valentino 2020 Fall

MaxMara 2021 Fall

But now mohair pieces don’t have to be pure wool, it has become an effect. As long as the sweater has a layer of floating hair, it is called mohair.

Mohair has a furry effect, which looks very cute and wants to make people rua.

But this will also make it produce another bug, and if you don’t wear it well, it will look strong.

Don’t throw it away because of this small drawback, let’s solve this problem by doing one more step of thinking.

It should be short rather than long, too long mohair sweater will make people look like an oval, not temperamental.

Reducing the length can not only make you look thinner, but also adjust the proportions and make your legs longer in seconds.

In addition to buying short models directly, it is also a good operation to tie the hem into clothes.

Girls with large skeletons or flesh can give preference to thin models that drape well and are finely knitted.

Even if it looks from the side, it will not look too bloated.

In this way, you can get the high-quality experience of mohair without worrying about being pitted by its small shortcomings.

That’s it for today~

There are thousands of sweaters in winter, how should you choose, have you done it?