I don’t know if everyone in front of the screen has such troubles, it will feel very cold to wear a coat in the current weather, but it will feel too heavy to wear a buttoned down jacket. Every time I go out, I have to do a mental struggle. If I spend a lot of time indoors, I choose to wear an overcoat, but if I spend a lot of time outdoors, I will compromise and change into a down jacket.

But whether it’s a coat or a down jacket, you can’t always have the best of both worlds, so in order to concentrate the advantages of both pieces more, I started a new round of Internet surfing. This year, there is a way to wear it, called “down vest + coat”, which is warm and thin, and has an aura.

As a result, I found that it was myself low, because many fashionistas and clothing bloggers have long found a solution, they use light down vests as linings to improve warmth, and silhouette coats as outerwear to improve overall recognition.

After seeing the styling of the bloggers, I also immediately bought the down vest, among the many styles, I chose the more distinctive four, these four down vest upper body effect really did not disappoint me / In fact, I chose based on the coat in my closet.

Pure black light down vest, for a fat girl like me, the flesh covering effect is very praised, the slim body with a dense threading design, which can not only prevent the body from fluffy and invisible but also run fleece, warm is very average and intimate.

To hide it, I chose to pair it with a black silhouette coat, and the similar color instantly blended them together.

Wearing a way like mine that zips the down vest and unfastens the silhouette coat will not affect the overall aesthetics, and in order to keep warm, the way to button the top with the zipper will be more warm and delicate.

Under normal circumstances, regardless of whether the lining inside the down vest is a simple turtleneck undershirt or a turtleneck undershirt + stand-up collar shirt, you will choose to wear without zippers, vaguely revealing the close-fitting lining, which is also one of the techniques to increase the sense of layering.

If you want a stronger sense of presence of a down vest, you can choose a black coat with a light gray color, and the layering method of different saturation and brightness of the basic color system also has a very strong thermal insulation effect.

However, when choosing a down vest, there are a few small points to pay attention to/Because I was blindly selected, I stepped on the thunder and stepped on the experience!

First of all, in order to ensure the overall three-dimensional sense, the down vest must choose a slim short style, so that it can increase the sense of layering and divide the proportion of the body, which is especially suitable for the little fairies who do not like to tie the button.

Secondly, everyone must be practical when choosing a down vest, and only to ensure sufficient warmth is the goal you choose.

The third point is that the color of the down vest must be basic and low-key, the color is too bright, it will destroy the overall beauty, especially when your skin tone is not suitable for high-saturation items, and the color of your coat is not suitable for matching with high-saturation colors, the appearance of bright vests will not make people shine.

The above three selection tips are my failed experience, if you are just beginning to contact the down vest + silhouette coat, you can choose according to this standard, stable and ruthless can make people feel dashing.

In addition, you can also spend a little thought on the contrast of colors, which makes it easier to wear a sense of luxury and fashion, and it is more high-profile and eye-catching in the crowd.

The blogger chose a khaki coat, simple and low-key, comfortable and natural, with a brown turtleneck undershirt, warm and open, handsome and stylish, in order to further achieve the effect of warmth, but also with a diamond check down vest, layered, warm and foreign.

The color is from dark to light, and it is fashionable to wear in autumn and winter, warm and heavy, simple and atmospheric, and it is easy to wear a full sense of high-end and fashionable charm.

Dark brown coat with down vest, everyone does not have to care too much about the unity of color, because dark brown down vest on the body is easy to make people feel old and uncomfortable, in this case, it is better to directly choose the basic black, white and gray.

The down vest with a small stand collar and a tweed coat with large lapels are beautiful and layered, and the collar styles are complementary, clean and capable, even if you wear it to the workplace, you will not let your boss feel that you are fishing in troubled waters.

If everyone’s neck length is not suitable for choosing a small stand-up collar down vest, you can also choose a more concise and sharp collarless vest, which can also ensure a 100% layered sense with a deep V lapel coat, and wear it alone without dropping the price.

If you want a down vest to wear a more design sense of the little fairies, it is recommended that you choose this one, the small V-neck down vest with a conventional body, without a few buttons, the upper body effect will be more girly, gentle and delicate.

The distinctive collar brings a unique beauty, and the little fairy who dislikes the conventional down vest can buy it with confidence! Upper body effect yyds. However, there is one point to remind everyone that when choosing the lining that matches him, you must choose light tones, because in the aesthetics of the vast majority of people, the color ratio of light inside and dark outside is the most harmonious and beautiful.

When choosing a woolen coat to go with it, you can choose a style in the same color as the down vest or one in the same color as the clean lining. If you don’t deliberately pursue the layering of dressing, you can also directly choose the same color layering.

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