Every time I go out shopping, I have to bring several environmentally friendly paper bags back, and over time there are a lot of piles up in the house (no prize guess: what kind of garbage are paper bags?). How to deal with them makes me more entangled:

Throw? A little reluctant, each is strange and good-looking; Don’t throw it? It is very occupied at home, and it is a bit of a luxury when it is a garbage bag, and it can’t be put on it!

Friends told me that these paper bags are good things, not only good-looking, but also used to store things are not vague at all, it can be said that beauty and practicality coexist. Put it in the cabinet at home, you can put a lot of things! Below I will tell you a few storage tips:

Store food

Of course, ordinary paper bags can not do this, it is best to choose a good quality kraft paper bag, cut off the hand-held part of the bag, roll the mouth of the bag down, or fold in, put it in the cabinet, and immediately become a practical storage bag.

Put a few paper bags in the drawer of the cabinet, usually buy back the ingredients can be classified and put away, when using the drawer, all the ingredients at a glance, it is also very convenient to take, and the most important thing is to use paper bags to store food can prevent food from moisture.

It is also possible to put these paper bags in the refrigerator for storage, some unwashed ingredients are put in, and if they are dirty, they can be thrown away directly for a new one, which is very convenient!

Store your clothes

It is best to choose a stronger paper hard bag for storing clothes, so that the clothes are not easy to deform. In addition, paper bags of different colors can be used to store different clothes, which can be seen at a glance.

Large paper bags can be used to store clothes, while some small paper bags can be used to store socks, underwear, etc., and several small bags can be used in large bags.

Sundries storage

These paper bags are also suitable for storing sundries, such as: children’s stationery;

Roll paper for the bathroom

Using paper bags to store is indeed a good choice, but once you accumulate a lot, storage is also a trouble. In fact

Most paper bags have a folding layer on them, just fold them up and put them in a bag

, very simple and convenient!

Have you learned the above little ways to store in paper bags? In the future, don’t throw away the paper bags left by buying things at home, simply change them at home and immediately become a storage artifact, the key is not to spend a penny, there is wood you feel earned?